Solid Waste Authority officials are unsure where the Civic Center’s recycling goes

Members of the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority aren't sure what happens to recycling collected at the Charleston Civic Center — but the arena’s general manager said recycling is happening there.

Discussion of the Civic Center's recycling came up during a regular meeting Tuesday, when the board was talking about making arrangements for recycling bins at FestivALL.

Charleston City Councilwoman Kasey Russell, who is also on the Solid Waste Authority board, said all city facilities are required to recycle. But she said the city of Charleston does not pick up any recycling from the Civic Center.

George Hunyadi, who runs West Virginia Recycling Services on Slack Street, said his recycling center picks up cardboard from the Civic Center, but didn't know where other materials went.

Civic Center Director John Robertson said later Tuesday the Civic Center had an agreement with Slack Street to pick up both cardboard and plastic from the facility. Robertson said Hunyadi's crews have been picking up cardboard but have not picked up plastic for several months.

Last year, Hunyadi took over operation of the Slack Street recycling center from the Solid Waste Authority. He said the arrangement for picking up plastic from the Civic Center may have fallen through the cracks during the transition. Plastic doesn't weigh very much, and it usually takes a long time to collect enough plastic to justify taking it to a recycling center.

"We haven't picked plastic up in a while, so they may have a bunch over there," Hunyadi said. Robertson confirmed there were several bins of plastic at the Civic Center waiting to be picked up.

Robertson said the Civic Center sends its aluminum cans to Capitol Recycling in Kanawha City. Although the Civic Center has been switching over to LED lights, Robertson said the Civic Center has been sending used fluorescent light tubes to a facility in Pennsylvania for recycling.

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