Editorial: Horror in Iraq is not America’s burden

President Obama is sending U.S. squads back into Iraq to protect Americans at the U.S. Embassy and elsewhere. We hope this doesn’t become a Vietnam-style quicksand, requiring ever-more troops in a doomed cause.

Hurrah for Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who is holding firm against further U.S. military action in that tragic land. Wasting more American lives and money would be futile.

The needless 2003-2011 Iraq War — launched on bogus grounds by the Bush-Cheney White House — was one of America’s worst blunders. It was an unnecessary mistake from the start. President Obama wisely ended U.S. participation three years ago. It would be a calamity if he reversed course.

Sectarian murder between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims suddenly is ripping Iraq apart. Sunni fanatics seized the northern third of the nation and loosed grotesque atrocities. Unarmed Shiite soldiers who surrendered are being massacred in groups — and Sunnis proudly display the cold-blooded slaughter on the Internet.

America can’t prevent holy war between murderous factions around the world. If the United Nations cannot suppress such deadly zealotry, why should America be obligated to try? What about similar bloodbaths in other places?

In Kenya this week, fanatics of the Al-Shabab group stormed towns and killed dozens of defenseless people watching the World Cup soccer tournament on television. A few months earlier, they raided a Nairobi shopping mall and killed 67. Is it up to America to police horrors in Kenya?

In Nigeria, fanatics of the Boco Haram militia constantly slaughter villagers who allow education of girls. They kidnapped 276 girls from a school in April, and seized 20 more in a different raid this week. Is it up to America to police horrors in Nigeria?

In Syria, the hideous civil war between the Alawite government and Sunni opponents is killing thousands. Shiite Iran and the Shiite Hezbollah militia support the Alawites. Is it up to America to police horrors in Syria?

Too many sectarian bloodbaths are in progress overseas. America cannot become the world’s sheriff and throw U.S. soldiers into these ghastly nightmares, in Iraq or anywhere else.

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