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Paul Epstein: Looking for climate change solutions


Letter to the editor

The Daily Mail is right to title Tom Harris’s Friday, June 6, op-ed “War on coal (is) driven by deceptive language,” but it is he and other climate change deniers who created that false phrase and are supported by money from the energy industry.

We are not against coal mining, we are for reducing carbon emissions. It disappoints me that the Daily Mail gives a platform to someone like him, and identifies him with his doublespeak front organization with science in the name, as if that makes the nonsense he spouts fact-based.

He was in public relations and lobbying for the energy industry for years, and, as you note, is supported with private funds.

We who support the Citizens Climate Lobby of West Virginia, in an effort to solve the problems of a warming planet that climate scientists are in agreement is caused by the burning of fossil fuels are not paid to write our letters or hold our meetings. We are working people, or in my case, retired.

We want to hand over a living planet, not a dying one, to our children and grandchildren. We are interested in solutions, not words twisted to distort and hide the truth.

Paul Epstein


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