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Article on pot full of misinformation


After reading the commentary by Charles Maddox, I’m wondering if he should just arrange to re-release “Reefer Madness.” Honestly, alcoholism, in all its forms, is far more damaging, both in cognition and health damages, but hey, it’s legal! Medical or recreational, marijuana does not cause aggression, as does alcohol. The worst you could expect is that a person in a recreational setting will either pass out on your couch, or clear out your fridge, then pass out on your couch!

I certainly don’t advocate taking marijuana and driving, but I’m very certain that alcohol and texting cause more accidents and deaths than the evil weed! Not to mention, do you understand the phrase “buzz kill?” You can’t get “un-drunk” but you can definitely “straighten up” if you’re using marijuana! Maddox refers to one study from New Zealand as his “medical horrors” proof, but there are others that negate his talking points. So he didn’t have a good experience when he tried it. He commented that a person’s IQ drops significantly with younger age users. Most brilliant folks I know smoked it during those formative years. (Some still do.)

We have, as a nation, expended too much money and time on punishing people for the use or distribution of this, pretty much harmless plant. Money that could have been better spent on stopping the distribution of heroin, cocaine, meth, PCP, or a dozen other drugs that actually cause life-altering damage, from criminal activity to social breakdown in families.

Charles Maddox is living in the 1950s. So he is president of some “talking points,” reactionary firm, that makes money from the gullible. His “article” was nothing more than a shameless advertisement for his questionable services.

Trish Chappell


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