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Don Surber: No, America, Iraq is still your problem

Iraq faces another insurgency -- this time without American forces to help protect the budding republic.

Many Americans say its not their war and blame George Walker Bush for the mess.

Many Americans are wrong.

This is our war, which Osama bin Laden set off on Sept. 11, 2001. History shows the war will last decades.

President Obama may have stopped calling it a war on terrorism in 2009 and may have declared in 2012 combat ended in Iraq, but the other side hasn’t.

And Obama may have opposed the war, but both his secretaries of state and his vice president voted for it.

The American people supported the war so much that John Kerry ran as a supporter of the war in the 2004 presidential race.

Indeed, when Republicans questioned his vote against an appropriation, Kerry bristled.

“I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it,” Kerry told a crowd in Huntington.

People who still insist the war was a bad idea are saying Saddam Hussein or his sons should be running Iraq.

The military did its job winning the war. The politicians have fumbled its aftermath.

This helps the groups of Islamists who want to establish a caliphate that stretches across North Africa, the Middle East, Persia and Asia.

Call them Taliban, ISIS, al-Qaida or MILF (the Filipino franchise) they all follow the same goal of establishing an intolerant theocracy.

The Bush Doctrine was to set up democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq, just as we did Germany, Japan and South Korea, to serve as the alternative to evil, rival regimes.

We would station forces there to protect these new governments and wage a cold war against the terrorists.

Ten years ago this week, Bush graciously turned over control of Iraq its first democratically elected government in 46 years.

This was a stunning achievement. Opponents predicted a drawn-out battle against Hussein. The allies did so in weeks -- and without the 50,000 U.S. military deaths some publications had predicted.

Bush kept U.S. troops in Iraq to protect the nascent democratic republic from invaders.

Al-Qaida in 2006 foolishly attempted take over Iraq. The allies repelled these invaders. Stationing troops in Iraq worked for both parties.

However, President Obama and his counterpart in Iraq, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki failed to reach a status-of-forces agreement. Our troops came home in 2011.

Three years later, a second wave of Islamist insurgents has attacked Iraq and the world turns its head away from the people ISIS lines up and shoots in cold blood. Terrorizing civilians is part of their plan to make Iraq go back 10 centuries to Sharia law.

The idea that an Iraq run by Hussein and Sons would have prevented this is laughable.

Ask Bashar al-Assad how that is working in Syria.

The bungling President Obama was ready to invade Syria to stop Assad from stopping ISIS, until wiser heads in Moscow prevailed.

Sadly, Obama did not listen to reason in 2011.

“The experts, the generals were saying -- I mean they were almost on their knees, ‘Keep some troops here,’ and we left zero,” Bob Woodward reported on CNN on Sunday.

But it is easy to blame Barack Obama alone for this mess.

Most Americans share the blame. They lost interest in a war and want to ignore the sacrifices of nearly 5,000 soldiers who died in Iraq, just as they did 58,000 troops who died in Vietnam.

That’s immoral.

For good reason, America took over Iraq from a cruel dictator who sponsored terrorism against Israel.

We broke it, we bought it. No exchanges or refunds.

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