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Readers’ Voice: June 25, 2014

Thank you, thank you for the comic page. The Gazette’s comics brighten my day.

In regards to a recent article celebrating the young man for desiring an Ivy League education in the business world, since the left thinks the business world is greedy, corrupt and unfair, it just wouldn’t seem like a very rewarding career.

President Obama is doing the best anyone could do. He inherited a mess and a half of mistakes made by others. He deserves our energetic and vocal support and he deserves it now.

This big to-do about changing the Redskins’ name — what in the world is wrong with people? They should be very proud of their American heritage. Keep the Redskins’ name.

The Charleston Police Department will give anybody a ticket for going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit on MacCorkle Avenue, yet they continuously use it for their own special speedway, even without their emergency lights on. The chief needs to tell them to slow down on MacCorkle Avenue.

We filed our state income taxes in April and still have not received our refund. That is ridiculous.

With all of the violence that we are having in our schools nowadays, couldn’t we provide jobs to soldiers who are coming home from fighting for our freedom as security guards in our schools?

I recently took a painting class in the downtown area of Charleston only to spend more than $30 to paint a childish kiddie picture. Doesn’t anybody teach real painting anymore?

Concerning the Eleanor election, the reason only 121 people voted is because the other 1,400 of us didn’t even know the election was going on.

Would somebody please explain to us old-timers who still read the paper what a hashtag is?

Went to the doctor, waited two hours and he just referred me to another doctor. They do not care. You’re just another number as long as they get their money. I’ve been referred to another doctor three times.

If everyone is all so fired up about hearing coach McCoy speak and preach, they should have a venue before graduation where all the seniors who want to go can go and have a religious service. Oh, wait a minute — I’m talking about baccalaureate, aren’t I? That’s what it’s for. Let him preach for two hours there if he wants to, then go to graduation, everybody’s happy.

Was the reason the Gazette made no mention on the sports page that the MSAC baseball coach of the year was Alan Burns, coach of the Parkersburg Big Reds?

My neighbor up the road is on disability because he broke his back. I saw him with a wheelbarrow recently with a load of gravel going up the road, even though he’s on disability.

I am not a veteran and not married to a veteran, but if my husband or father were a veteran and were dying and could not get into the veterans hospital, I would be checking them into another hospital. Their life is that important.

Gas is too high. Not only gas is high, but so are cars. If you can’t afford gas, how can you afford a car?

I couldn’t care less about the World Cup soccer matches.

I hear they’re talking about raising the gas tax by 12 percent. Why doesn’t Obama take this money that he’s using to pay for illegal immigrants that he expects us to take care of from cradle to grave? Let him take some of that money and send them back, and use that money to fix the roads.

Concerning the home invasion, can someone explain to me why someone would have a food stamp card and $4,500 cash?

Concerning the wage rate and gas tax, you’ll hear it from people like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and Joe Manchin, but not Shelley Moore Capito. That girl knows what it means to work for a living. These people don’t, and that’s the reason we have the problems we have now. Kick them out. Put working people in.

Yes, I believe everyone needs to have good health care, but I also believe that if you want good health care you should get out and get a job and pay for it like the rest of us do instead of taking it off the backs of the working people. Get a job.

Is anyone else as outraged as I am? A guy gets shot 12 times and the prosecuting attorney wants to put malicious wounding against them instead of attempted murder? Give me a break. What’s wrong with our justice system? Wake up.

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