Putnam deputies searching for man posing as police officer

Deputies are looking for information after a boy was stopped and frisked near Winfield by a man posing as a police officer.

It happened Monday on W.Va. 817 near Winfield. A 13-year-old boy was walking along the road near Leslie Lumber Company when he was stopped by a man in a black car, according to a statement from the Putnam Sheriff’s Department.

The boy said the man told him he was under arrest but didn’t identify himself as a police officer. Neither the man’s clothes, which the boy described as all black, nor his vehicle had any markings or insignias to show he was a police officer.

The boy told deputies the man frisked him and took several pictures of him before he left the area. Deputies said the boy wasn’t harmed or assaulted during the incident.

The boy described the man as about 6-foot-3, about 200 pounds with long, slicked back black hair and a small goatee. The man had blue eyes and a scar under his right eye.

Deputies said it’s their belief the man isn’t affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Monday’s incident is the only report of this type of behavior so far, but deputies have no leads to go on.

Anyone with information on this incident can contact the Putnam Sheriff’s Department at 304-586-0256.

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