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It sounds to me like Mark Plants is being bullied by a bunch of Democrats.

My electric bill (and I’m on a budget) went up $20 this month. I cannot believe it. I guess the economics from us not using coal has already hit West Virginia.

Does the mayor of Winfield have a planning commission? It seems like this mayor just haphazardly sells property to put businesses in without any thought.

I’m all for moms, being one myself many times over, but the little girl in the commercial who goes on about her mom is too sickeningly sweet. I don’t like that commercial and I don’t like that company anymore. I’m tired of it.

I would like to comment on the person who called in about the person in line at the grocery store buying junk food with the EBT card when they are overweight. I agree 100 percent with that comment. All of these people on EBT cards only buy junk food and are the first to argue about healthy lunches at school for their kids.

Abortion is totally unnecessary. Can you say birth control pill?

Good thing the governor’s brother didn’t steal a car, or he might have actually gone to jail over something.

I wanted to say thank you very much to the nice lady who bought my sweet tea in the drive-thru at McDonald’s in St. Albans. Thanks so much.

Some Republicans are just unable to handle President Obama’s popularity. I could feel sorry for them if they weren’t being so nasty and childish about it.

If Governor Tomblin doesn’t think the water needs to be tested, let him come to my house in Campbells Creek and taste and smell our water.

To the reader who called saying that we had a way to change our government and that it’s called an election: We can’t change it in elections because the same people always run. We have no choices. It would be wonderful if we did, but there is always an incumbent running, and they always win. We need to do something. We need to put time constraints on Congress.

I love the Readers’ Voice, and I’m a faithful reader every morning and of course I even call in with a tongue-in-cheek comment sometimes. I’m seeing it turn into political hate comments and I wish that could change.

At the Cedar Grove post office, you cannot see the mailbox numbers because of the lighting system. Please have the government ship some flashlights in.

Some mean man keeps calling me several times in the past two weeks and asking me for money for the Charleston Police Department. He won’t take no for an answer. I don’t have money and he will not stop calling me.

Roane County Board Of Education: step up to the plate and provide an activities bus for the children of Roane County. These kids are a vital part of our county and our people, and their parents support our county. Please help these kids continue to have an activities bus in the area.

I really enjoyed Live on the Levee Friday night. Just one thing, crank it down just a little bit.

Could someone please explain the benefits of the rearrangement of the stoplight pattern on Kanawha Boulevard?

I don’t think Danica Patrick could win in NASCAR racing. She needs to change her mood and attitude. She looks like she’s mad at the world and has a chip on her shoulder all the time.

Are you kidding me? There’s not going to be any paving of the roads this year either? What’s happening to the money? Could you please pave some of the roads? The fillings of those potholes will be gone by September.

If a weatherman uses his information to say rain is on its way and then it doesn’t rain, did he lie? No. Same thing with Bush and WMDs. Bush passed on the information he was given.

The governor made it clear he does not care about people’s health. He says he needs the money elsewhere. Bet he doesn’t tell Jim Justice that.

The reason this country and this state are in the mess they are in is because the leaders of corporations and the government are scared to death they might have to actually find, hire, and pay a qualified person to do actual work and that would take a dollar away from the overpaid CEOs, the president, the governors, and the mayors and their legions of highly paid flacks and consultants.

The Robertsons have just as much right to their opinions as you have for your opinion. They have as much right to be invited to The Greenbrier as you have the right to boycott The Greenbrier.

As an Orthodox Christian, I am deeply saddened to learn that the three Israeli teens from a Jewish Settlement on the West Bank, that is considered part of the Palestinian territory, have been killed. I do not condone the killings of these boys but as far as I am concerned, the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu is equally responsible for the death of those young boys When will Israel learn to stay out of areas that are Palestinian and stop building Jewish settlements there? May God have mercy on those teens and their families.

Finally I am starting to understand some Christians. They say no one has the right to judge, so when they are cheating on their husbands or wives then that is OK because no one is supposed to judge. That way they can strut into church and everything is OK, and if anyone says anything about what they are up to then they are wrong because they should not judge anyone.

This state Board of Education is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. They talk about educating our people so they will get good jobs and stay in West Virginia. But they fire a West Virginian so they can turn around and hire someone from out of state. They sure did do some big-time fact-checking and research before they made this latest hire. I am sick to death of that bunch. It only got worse with Gayle in there.

If any country was treating Jews the way Israel treats the Palestinians, the U.S. would blow it off the face of the Earth.

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