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Flashback films return to Park Place Stadium Cinemas

David Bowie stars as Jareth the Goblin King in Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth,” showing Sunday and Monday as part of Park Place Stadium Cinemas’ Flashback Film Series.

Greg Pauley said Park Place Stadium Cinemas’ flashback film series, which shows “Labyrinth” on Sunday and Monday, isn’t being revived so much as returning in a slightly different form.

“We just kind of changed our plan for showing these types of films,” said Pauley, the vice president of the Greater Huntington Theater Corporation, which owns Park Place.

“Before, we were doing [several] eight- to 10-week series of flashback films. We went through a lot of different films, so we took a step back and decided we would try something different.”

The Flashback Film Series started at Park Place in fall 2011 and had two more series in 2012 before taking its break. Now, Pauley said, the plan is to do four to six showings annually, spread throughout the year.

This, in part, will help cover the cost of the films shown, to ensure that the series can continue. Pauley, who selects all the films, acknowledged that there’s no shortage of movies that could be shown, but the company has to pay for the rights to show them. Some of these rights cost more than others, so scaling back the number of films is more cost-effective.

However, Pauley said, the point of the flashback films isn’t really to make a ton of money.

“It’s something we do for our customers, for the community,” he said. “Flashback films are really fun to do.”

He added, “Our new way of doing this now will allow us to not burn through so many of the films so quickly, and we’ll be able to market them a little bit better.

“When we did the series, there were pros and cons. One of the pros was we could let people know what films would be playing over a specific time, but then we also pretty much were jamming them all into one time frame. Doing it this way, we can give a lot of people more advance notice that we’re going to be doing it so they can make plans to watch if choose to.”

Pauley said the films shown will continue to be a mix of old and new classics. Films from the ’80s, like “Labyrinth,” do well because parents, who watched them growing up, bring their children to see the movies on the big screen.

“I get a kick out of going to the theaters and watching young kids watch these films in theaters that they’ve never seen that way before. Maybe their parents watched them as kids in a theater setting, but they’ve only seen them on TV.”

“Labyrinth” is a 1986 fantasy adventure. Directed by Jim Henson, it features many fantastical characters created by his famed Creature Shop. The two human stars are Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly (“A Beautiful Mind”) and pop legend David Bowie. Connelly plays Sarah, a teen who accidentally wishes her baby brother away to Jareth, the Goblin King (Bowie). If she does not complete his labyrinth in time, Jareth will keep her brother.

Pauley said the next flashback film will be in the fall, with another one probably around Christmastime. He said theater-goers can follow Park Place’s Facebook page — Official Page Of Park Place Stadium Cinemas — to stay up to date. Information about each showing will be posted about a month in advance.

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