Fourth of July Music Festival on Kayford Mountain

The Keeper of the Mountains Foundation’s 10th annual Fourth of July Music Festival runs Friday through Saturday at the Stanley Heirs Park on Kayford Mountain in Eskdale, Raleigh County. The event will be entirely solar powered via the donation of equipment by Mountain View Solar.

“This year, were calling it Run by the Sun,” said Paul Corbit Brown, one of the festival organizers. “Mountain View Solar has donated the resources to provide a solar generator, and this generator is going to power the sound system and all the lights for the whole festival.”

Musical guests include Qiet, Colleen Anderson and George Castelle, The Company Stores, Michael Pushkin, Bobby Altmann, Alasha and Friends, Patricia Ansley, Illusionary Field Unit, Willie Dodson, Debra Wolf, The Brother Sisters and T. Paige Dalporto.

The festival will also feature a Friday evening screening of “Journey of the Universe,” as well as trailers for the upcoming films “Moving Mountains” and “Run For the Mountains.”

Food and refreshments are free and guests are welcome to bring a covered dish, beverages and lawn chairs. Appalachian artisans and vendors are welcome. The festival begins at 2:30 p.m. Friday. Rustic camping is available.

For more information and directions, search for Kayford Mountain on Facebook and select the event “Our Community Protecting Our Water — Kayford Mountain Fourth of July Festival.” You may also email or or call 304-205-0920.

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