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Reader’s Voice: July 4, 2014

The Israeli average income is $38,000, which is the 25th-highest in the world. Why are we supporting these people?

I agree with your editorial that says women should have the right for birth control. I do not agree that it should be free. Nothing is free. Somebody has to pay for it. That means you and me. I do not think that I should have to pay for their birth control.

I am not a woman, nor do I work for Hobby Lobby, so why should I care?

I guess the Jim Jones clone, Jeremy Dys, put you women in your place with help from the most useless Supreme Court that has ever been assembled. How dare you think you are entitled to the same freedom your boss is? Of course after the baby is born the Jeremy Dyses and Joey Hollands could care less.

I had a short conversation today with someone that was griping about their tax dollars going to help out people that are disabled. I asked did they know their tax dollars are also going to subsidize Walmart, big oil, coal, big banks etc. I asked do you resent humans or corporations? I got a confused look. I guess that means Fox News and the billionaires that pay for that station have really got their message across.

Is Pothole Art a new FestivALL event? When will the first, second and third place pothole winners be named so the city can begin repairing the potholes?

Our president has an approval rating of 40 percent, give or take a point. Couple this with the distrust and lack of respect from other world leaders, and you must come to the realization that this man is a failure and continues unrestrained to lower this country’s status in the world.

Last evening between the Mound in South Charleston and Spring Hill I counted over 30 people talking on their handheld phones and driving. What law?

Once again, a reader has stated that President Obama is a criminal without saying what crime he has been convicted of. Those of us who actually think and reason want specifics; What crime? When? Where? Don’t go by what Rush says, he is an admitted drug addict and doesn’t always speak reasonably.

Talk about a frivolous lawsuit. A person chooses to illegally walk on railroad tracks and is not surprisingly struck and killed by a train and the family sues the railroad? Really? It is surely a tragedy, but it is certainly not the railroad’s fault. I hope this ridiculous lawsuit is thrown out quickly.

Where were all the “GOP won’t work with Obama” people when shoe was on other foot? Few years back the Democrats blocked everything Bush put on the table.

Way to go state troopers, shoot a dog that is doing his job of protecting his owner’s property from trespassers. Appears from some recent incidents that we have some trigger happy troopers, and those that are canine handlers have absolutely no understanding of dogs.

Does anyone else find it ironic that in less than 48 hours after the article in the Gazette about Manchin’s state vehicle having been stolen two months ago, it suddenly is found in Boone County.

The governor in order to improve the education of children should follow the lead of the current state board and when it comes time to appoint new board members — he should look for people outside of West Virginia.

The more time someone spends telling you that the other guys are biased or lying, the more likely it is you’re being lied to.

I’m sure Capito has been in politics long enough to fill all of her desk drawers full of money. Now it’s time to do something for West Virginia — stay home.

Can someone out there teach some of our citizens that A-S-K-E-D is asked, not axed? Teach them to say asked instead of axed.

I wish your reporters would start doing some reporting in lieu of just passing on what someone else writes. Why don’t you write articles from Charleston on how immigration is going to affect the people?

Car dealers, insurance companies and grocery stores are ripping people off.

We can ill afford to lose Rahall because we’ve already lost Senator Byrd and Rockefeller is retiring. Republicans can compare what they’ve brought in to what Capito, McKinley and other Republicans have brought into West Virginia. There’s no comparison. We need to keep Rahall in office.

To all of you people who continue to wear dead carcasses on your backs calling them fur coats. If you only knew how sweet and gentle — like a park squirrel — a chinchilla is, you would never wear a fur coat again.

If you put anything other than salt, pepper, flour and cornmeal on a fried green tomato sandwich, you have messed it up.

It was so sad yesterday at our church because there was nothing about the Fourth of July, the freedom, the patriots who died and the soldiers. The only thing patriotic about the service yesterday was the tie that our pastor had on — it had a flag on it. So sad.

I would like to say a great job and a great write-up on “He banked it all on coal” by Rob Byers. He is a wonderful writer and it was a great story.

I think the Redskins should change their name only if the Native Americans go back for 40 years and pay all of the taxes that they haven’t paid on illegal casinos just because they’re on Indian land.

I cry every time when I think of how stupid the American people could be when they elected Obama to sit in the White House.

I filed my state income tax on March 6 and still have not received my return. Can you spell inept?

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