Vent line: July 5, 2014

I would like to know why the people of West Virginia feel it is necessary to go out of state to bring in a state superintendent of schools. Do we not have anyone in West Virginia qualified to do that job?

I would like to thank the wonderful folks who notified the sheriff’s department regarding my husband who wandered from home in the early morning hours of June 16. Also, to the kind man on Pennsylvania Avenue and the paramedics, I didn’t get names, but thanks to all of you for the kind and professional treatment. He is doing very well. God bless.

I just read a book about First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. She visited areas afflicted with disasters. The press reported them positively or negatively according to their politics. Wheeling gave her full credit, but other cities compared them to Hitler’s parades. Nothing much has changed. I was hoping we were better than this now, but I guess not, judging from the lies told about the Hobby Lobby outcome.

If Ed Rabel runs as a third party, he will take progressive votes from the Democrats, and a Republican from Maryland will represent West Virginia in Congress. Don’t be ignorant, voters. Shame on Rabel for helping the carpetbagger.

Why should we send troops to Iraq because the people are bitterly divided along sectarian lines, and in America we are bitterly divided politically? We haven’t resorted to killing yet, but Democrats and Republicans seize every opportunity to bombast the others to gain political clout.

In regard to licenses and insurance for bicycles, your car weighs 300 times more than my bicycle. I will be glad to pay my $1 portion. As far as insurance goes, I will fix the scratch and sue you for every penny you have.

I wonder why you didn’t print my vent. I was talking about the Charleston Civic Center taking away my bottle of water that I needed to take medicine with when I went to a concert. I thought it was important enough to print.

Only in West Virginia would they approve a superintendent who is being investigated for a $6 million deficit; $6 million. And you wonder why the school system is in the shape it is in.

Excuse me. I don’t think it was the ex-Mrs. Plants who created the mess. It was Mr. Plants and the present Mrs. Plants that broke up the marriage. And he beat up his own son to please his stepson. Let them pay for their sins. Thank you.

Why is Sherry Hayes, Putnam County Assessor, sending notices to everybody on this property reassessment? We don’t need to do her job for her. She needs to do her job. I resent being threatened with a fine if I don’t comply. We will see her at election time.

Whatever happened to the inscription on the Statue of Liberty of the United States of America? It says, “Send me your tired, your poor, your people yearning to be free. Send the tempest tossed to me. I lift my lamp.”

You can’t go back. Don’t make that mistake in the first place. Think.

American government has become so dysfunctional we cannot even, in any sense, control our borders. So how successful do you think we will be in fighting terrorism?

The Lee Street Bridge has potholes. I hope they fix them.

Poor Obama spent time with those black Muslims in Chicago training those kids in the streets of Chicago how to fight. Will he get a veteran’s pension for that?

After reading Zack Harold’s article on frying chicken, I think he should give up writing for the newspaper and go fry chicken for a time. That was a completely worthless article and the dumbest article and should never have been in the newspaper.

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