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The White House and top Democrats blast the Supreme Court for the contraceptive decision. Whatever happened to the civility the president talked about?

The Alex Trebek now doing TV commercials does not look like the Alex Trebek I remember. His hair is white, that’s understandable, but did he get a facelift?

I live in Boone County and we have roads here that are terrible with holes in them, yet they are spending money repainting the lines on the roads. I think it’s ridiculous. They should be spending the money on the roads.

Guns now allowed in churches, in Christian houses of worship? What have we come to?

How about letting up on the people and raising the AEP rates from the CEOs? They’re living luxuriously and the poor people who pay this bill are scraping by to pay it. Let’s get real and stop to think about what they’re doing to us.

It is disgusting that Kanawha Board of Education will not turn on the air conditioning in schools while the custodians work hard all summer long.

After reading a few articles in the paper, I see that of the city and state officials, the only one who seems to have any compassion for the people at all, is Mayor Danny Jones. At least he shows that he has a little compassion for the people and my hat’s off to him.

It seems to me that changing one’s gender is a very personal a matter that should be shared with one’s family and closest associates. If one chooses to broadcast the fact, one should be prepared for a flood of widely differing opinions.

Hillary Clinton is ripping the Supreme Court for opposing legislation that her husband signed into law, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Do you think the left will ever point this out?

I would certainly like to see Charleston police ticket people who block the intersections at stoplights. Why is that allowed to go on?

Not all cultures are equal. A culture that mutilates young girls is not the equivalent of one that values and respects all of its people. A culture that needs terrorist threats to subjugate people is not one that people risk their lives to get to.

Whether it’s immigration, Obamacare, veterans’ medical care, the IRS or Benghazi, our government is becoming more and more like a dog and pony show.

What are we who are on Social Security and don’t get any increases supposed to do? I can hardly afford to pay the power bill now.

I just saw on NBC that 90 percent of Americans have cell phones and 60 percent have iPhones. My question is what percent of this country votes? People don’t care.

Yesterday evening the power was off in multiple locations throughout the Kanawha Valley. Amazing. Almost as if it were a demonstration of how badly AEP needs their proposed rate increase. Obviously this has to be a total coincidence.

NGK Sparkplug needs to go union.

If the electric company wants to charge people more money, it should be based on the amount that person brings home per week. Stop picking on the poor.

I willingly am paying that $2 per week fine to work in Charleston, but why are the roads in such bad shape when we all pay it? Wake up. The roads are hideous.

So now the new superintendent of schools is under investigation for mismanagement of funds and we’re making him superintendent of schools?

You walk into a restaurant and ask for extra ingredients: extra cheese, extra dressing or extra bread. Anything extra costs money. Yet you walk into the restaurant and think it’s for free.

Put Pete Rose from the Cincinnati Reds in the hall of fame. Put him in while he’s alive so he can enjoy it. Other athletes have murdered and been on drugs and still play the game and have been in the hall of fame.

I wish people would leave Mark Plants alone. He’s not the first one to give someone a spanking. I got a lot of them when I was growing up and it didn’t hurt me a bit.

Seventeen percent rate increase from AEP? I’m retired. How do they expect retirees to live? These rate increases on utilities are getting out of hand.

Democrats champion women’s rights and the choice for abortion and women’s contraceptives. Yet they don’t care about those with moral religious convictions. Should they not be able to choose not to pay for abortion-inducing drugs? I feel my conscience is being trampled on by the left.

I just finished reading the Statehouse Beat about tax credits slowing down returns. Our flex fuel rebate has been denied twice for silly items, the last being that our sales slip was illegible. It was typed, how could it be illegible? They are just making us jump through hoops because the state didn’t realize how much it was going to cost.

I was just told that more marijuana would be legalized in the nation and that it would eventually happen here in West Virginia. Won’t this give more lazy people more reason to be on disability and unable to work?

These companies that don’t want to provide birth control for women: are they paying for products like Viagra for men? Are they going to pay for the college education, the babysitting, the schooling and the raising of the unplanned children that these women will be forced to have? Those questions need to be answered. It’s more complicated than just not providing birth control.

Do you think President Obama is smarter than all of the people in the House of Representatives? I don’t think so, but he does.

The religious groups can object to birth control pills due to religious beliefs, but I wonder how much their religion comes into play when an awful lot of their religious trinkets come from a sweatshop in China.

The word contraception means preventing conception. Birth control pills are available from your doctor at a low price. They prevent conception from happening and prevent the need for abortion. Birth control pills are not expensive. If you don’t want babies, get a prescription for birth control pills.

Everyone in the state of West Virginia should be calling our congressmen and senators. Our president is totally ignoring the Constitution and playing king. He will not enforce the laws to close our borders, yet he is going to fix immigration on his own.

To the one who said it was rude to have prayer in school, you must be an atheist. We leave God out of too many things already.

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