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On file: July 6, 2014


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between June 27 and July 2:

Ryan Anthony Bailey, 23, of Charleston and Chelsea Marie Gilliam, 23, of Cross Lanes.

Jeremy David Withrow, 32, and Shanda Diane Casto, 32, both of South Charleston.

Calvin Lee Estep, 44, of Charleston and Mary Ann McGilton, 46, of Alum Creek.

Mark Hunter Samples, 37, and Adrienne Samantha Grass, 34, both of Charleston.

George Allen Gibson, 48, and Samantha Marie Javins, 28, both of Alum Creek.

Jonathan Edward Miller, 32, and Mary Beth Moore, 32, both of Charleston.

Kyle Lee Chapman, 24, and Amanda Lynn Morgan, 22, both of St. Albans.

Matthew Kyle Pooreman, 26, and Kaitlyn Jean Weekley, 20, both of Charleston.

Robert Everson Akers, 44, and Olga Minenko-McDaniel, 38, both of Charleston.

Donald Mark Hurt, 45, of Scott Depot and Jennifer Anne Shaf, 42, of Charleston.

William Harrison Wade III, 30, and Erica Danielle Lawrence, 30, both of Dunbar.

Dustin Arlo Boggess, 31, of Charleston and Jessica Lee Perfin, 30, of Cross Lanes.

Christopher Ray Thaxton, 28, and Stephanie Ann Smith, 36, both of Charleston.

Dillon James Lesher, 20, and Whitney Marcia Johnson, 21, both of Dunbar.

Derek Michael Watts, 30, of Charleston and Jenna Marie Higginbotham, 24, of Hurricane.

Jeremiah James Miller, 29, of Nitro and Leslie Ann Christenson, 25, of Charleston.

Michael Jay Smith Jr., 32, and Candace Mona Scarberry, 27, both of Charleston.

Joseph Elian Nassif, 48, and Anna Gabriella Cafoncelli, 37, both of Charleston.

Christopher Norman Harrah, 25, and Jennifer Lynn Byrd, 21, both of Cedar Grove.

Patrick Casey Eason, 23, and Rachel Anne Hoeft, 23, both of Charleston.

Wesley Lee Sigman, 57, and Liza Dawn Adams, 40, both of South Charleston.

Arlington Burton Bailey Jr., 23, of Charleston and Caitlin Michelle McClure, 18, of South Charleston.

Joshua Cory Alan Bucklen, 25, of Cross Lanes and Amy Marie Simmons, 28, of Tornado.

Joshua Slade Johnson, 36, of Ravenswood and Tara Alicia Adkins, 30, of Charleston.

David Allen Chamberlain, 54, of Charleston and Donna Jean Johnson, 47, of St. Albans.

Ryan McCune Donovan, 29, of Charleston and Erica Nicole Hatfield, 22, of Williamson.

Stephen James Lewis, 54, of Charleston and Michelle Diane Walker, 46, of Cross Lanes.

Samuel Douglas Lowe, 34, and Alycia Marie Adams, 32, both of Charleston.

Robby Lane Elswick, 34, and Dolores Fay Ennis, 51, both of St. Albans.

Joseph Michael Romeo, 23, and Alyssa Nicole Ellington, 22, both of Charleston.

Jay Edward Harper, 48, and Theresa Julia Salton, 55, both of Charleston.

Gary James Neil, 54, of Nitro and Sandra Lynn Blair, 50, of Arlington, Virginia.

Dustin Mark Oxley, 27, and Chelsea Ann Freeman, 21, both of Charleston.

Blake Alan Harrison, 25, and Nikia Marie Knight, 20, both of Charleston.

Craig Brett Marker, 44, of Clendenin and Angelina Denise Ashley, 41, of Dunbar.

Raymond Landon Myers, 48, of Hurricane and Tammy Lynn Flanagan, 46, of St. Albans.

Steven Allen Hall, 41, and Kiona Jenae Adams, 21, both of Charleston.

Jonathan Taft Tippett, 27, and Kristin Nicole Hitchcock, 25, both of St. Albans.

Devon Dewayne Faucett, 30, and Deborah Renee Burnett, 31, both of South Charleston.

Justin Michael Ortiz-Burrow, 26, and Brittanni Jordan Broussard, 24, both of Charleston.

John Frederick Beckman, 42, and Lindsey Megan Counts, 30, both of Charleston.

James Charles Easter, 51, and Sherri Lee Casdorph, 51, both of St. Albans.

Austin Keon Linthicome, 23, and Jasmine Elizabeth Calloway-Woodard, 23, both of St. Albans.

Parnel Legros Jr., 33, and Tiffani Camille Jones, 36, both of Cross Lanes.

Rickey Loren Cheney, 59, of La Grange, North Carolina, and Vanissa Sue Simmons, 50, of Nitro.

Cody Allen Lanham, 21, and Bobbie Jean Boone, 30, both of Cedar Grove.

Adam David Hunter, 24, and Joyce Juanita Morris, 19, both of Charleston.

Nicholas Daniel Morris, 35, and Julia Renee Larck, 33, both of Nitro.

Gregory Dwayne Lacy, 50, of St. Albans and Paige Lynn Gehrke, 50, of Ridgeway, Virginia.

Victor Joseph Martinez, 58, of Lawton, Oklahoma, and Janis Ann Hanson, 45, of Elkview.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between June 25 and July 2:

Jeanie Pack from Theodore Pack

Amanda Jo Shay from Kevin E. Cartright

Jessica King from Zachary Harless

Sandra L. Robinette from Ronald Dale Robinette

Ashley Province from Rowdey Province

Yezenia Soto from Chadrick Gene Pauley

Angela D. Sizemore from Timothy S. Sizemore

Jennifer Myers from Shannon Lambert

Amanda B. White from Donald A. White

Lacie Adkins from Jason Wines

Heatherly D. Hinzman-Starcher from James H. Starcher

Elizabeth M. Coon from Stanley W.J. Coon

Tammy Smith from Joseph Smith

Tina A. Fisher from Richard Lee Fisher

Amanda Oldham from Nicholas Oldham

Jordan Lindsay Roberts from Thomas Gregory Roberts

Paul A. Rucker Sr. from Amanda E. Rucker

Sandra Dorsey from Dewey Dorsey Jr.

Buffy Danelle Fortson from Loren Peter Fortson

Wendy Martinez from Wilson Pena Martinez

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between June 27 and July 2:

Patrick Leonard Gearhart to Brandie N. Klicka, Lot, Big Sandy District, $99,000.

Nicholas J. Mulhearn and Andra L. Fee-Mulhearn to Stacy D. Wright. Lot, Union District, $149,500.

Bonnie Blackwell, Robert M. Payne and Sandra K. Jefferson to Gregory L. Stark. Lot, South Charleston, $70,000.

William Henry Jr. and Linda P. Jernigan to Eric T. Smith. Lot, Charleston, $315,000.

Jason A Winnell and Sang Ah Koh to John-Mark and Natalie Atkinson. Lot, South Charleston, $186,000.

Genevieve Louise Foster to Mark D. Thaxton. Lot, Washington District, $50,000.

Karen S. and Christopher S. Dodrill to Kay C. Shamblin. Lot, Charleston, $345,000.

Jeremiah F. McCormick to Robert E. and Lynda S. Smith. Lot, Jefferson District, $50,000.

Donald R. Cummings to Kathleen Diane Roebuck. Lot, Jefferson District, $110,000.

Susan Elise Stevens to Suzanne F. Hunt. Lot, Charleston, $133,000.

Roland E. and Norma G. Lucas to Sara E. Thompson. Lot, Elk District, $232,000.

Cheryl Ann Copenhaver Smith and Deborah Kay Couture to C. Robert McElwain and Antje C. Hicks. Lot, Jefferson District, $160,000.

Beverly S. Goldfarb to Layne M. Henry. Lot, South Charleston, $82,500.

Skaff Family Limited Partnership to Jason and Amber Bramlee. Lot, Jefferson District, $334,000.

Jennifer F. Spencer to Laura L. and Chad Leport. Lot, Charleston, $325,000.

Linda L. Sodaro to Galen Lane Jr. and Karen S. Ellis. Lot, Elk District, $80,000.

Patrick M. and Kristy D. Fiddler to John H. and Breana R. Williams. Lot, Charleston, $188,000.

Helen M. Harper to Robert J. and Amy D. Ray. Lot, Malden District, $157,000.

Fredericks and Fredericks to Bryan E. Johnson. Lot, Charleston, $66,500.

Charles A. Howe III, Adam Knauff and Charles R. Young II, trustees of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Charleston to Timothy Hudson, Barbara Smith and Abel Walker, trustees of Riverview Presbyterian Church, Kanawha County. Lots, Charleston, $385,000.

Teresa James to Jaime Shuff. Lot, St. Albans, $320,000.

PS91 LLC to Clifford A. Harper. Lot, South Charleston, $58,000.

William H. and Joanna Koontz to Franklin C. Powell II and Paula J. Wildi. Lots, Elk District, $175,000.

Gerald T. Flynn to Charles R. Wise. Lot, Spring Hill District, $85,000.

John Lewis Reese to Robin E. Reese. Lot, Charleston, $160,000.

Marc B. Lazenby to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. Lot, Union District, $67,500.

Kevin L. and Pamela Jo Fisher to Prime Land LLC. Lot, Union District, $85,000.

Prime Land LLC to Amber-Lee Ann Hughart. Lot, Union District, $85,000.

Larry Jennings and Amber Dawn Gore to Robert B. and Lyndsay W. Hunsaker. Lot, Washington District, $578,500.

American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Joshua Burton Caldwell. Lot, Dunbar, $93,500.

Matthew A. and Andrea D. Garrison to Joshua D. Newhouse. Lot, Union District, $292,500.

Joseph W. and Sandra S. Yingst to John D. Lacy. Lot, Union District, $68,000.

Joseph A. and Jeanine S. Czul to Ramanathapura N. Haricharan and Vinutha Vishnu. Lot, Charleston, $740,000.

Matthew B. and Emily D. White to John D. White. Lot, Elk District, $99,662.26.

James C. and April L. Sykes to Larry T. and Breanna Wilson. Lot, Washington District, $400,750.

Bank of America to John and Meredith Vance. Lot, Tornado, $56,500.

E.M. Lacy and Jerry D. Lacy to Brett and Staci Clutters. Lot, Dunbar, $52,500.

Dimitri Chaber to Robert and Anissa Walker. Lot, Jefferson District, $140,000.

Karen M. Bowling to John and Diane Timmis. Lot, Dunbar, $92,000.

Shawn C. Layne to Karen M. Bowling. Lot, Union District, $109,000.

Rusty D. and Joanne Risher to Frank D. Robinete. Lot, Union District, $230,000.

Jeffery E. and Nicole L. Roberts to Mary Jane and Howard Allen Haynes. Lot, Washington District, $459,000.

Jefferson E. and Carolyn A. Brady to Bobby J. and Robin M. Cooper. Lots, Jefferson District, $119,000.

David and Susan Griffis to Carolyn Sue Pryce. Lots, Charleston, $435,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between June 27 and July 3:

Derek Keith Carrow, Sutton, Chapter 7. Assets: $14,754, Liabilities: $33,827.

Kenneth Marvin and Glenda Charlotte Slagle, Marlinton, Chapter 7. Assets: $200,989, Liabilities: $155,641.

Christy Shawn Casey, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $78,929, Liabilities: $99,739.

Ricky Lee and Shirley Lavonne McCracken, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $95,472, Liabilities: $98,670.

Brandon Scott and Jennifer Renee Stover, Summersville, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,520, Liabilities: $92,855.

Charles Curtis Hackney, Sandyville, Chapter 7. Assets: $163,256, Liabilities: $87,817.

Dennis Paul King Jr., Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $12,850, Liabilities: $507,946.

Esber Brian Tweel, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $61,502., Liabilities: $75,677.

Herbert James and Verta Mae Baker, Shady Spring, Chapter 7. Assets: $122,417.93, Liabilities: $119,406.

Stephen Lee and Kelli Louise Fury, Clintonville, Chapter 7. Assets: $148,716.67, Liabilities: $166,839.

Wilbert Russell Newsome Jr., Frankford, Chapter 7. Assets: $85,591, Liabilities: $207,424.

Medford Trucking LLC, Charleston, Chapter 11. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents:

James Michael Abner, Charleston

Larry Wayne Anderson, South Charleston

Vance Richard Auber, East Bank

Janice Lee Bail, Clendenin

Raymond Lewis Bail II, Clendenin

Mary Jane Baker, Charleston

John Robert Barclay Sr., Charleston

Nicholas Ray Belcher, Charleston

Robin Christina Bell, Nitro

Charles Landis Bias, Elkview

Robert Handley Billups Jr., Charleston

Ronald Ervin Blackburn, Nitro

Cynthia Lynn Boggess, Charleston

David Bruce Boggess, Charleston

Stephen Joel Bohman, South Charleston

Marc Craig Bryson, Charleston

Connie Sue Bumgardner, Sissonville

Marcia Gail Burnette, Elkview

John Dixon Caudill IV, St. Albans

Anthony Ray Chandler, Alum Creek

Melissa Dawn Chandler, Alum Creek

Lee Ann Chatman, Dunbar

Michael Anthony Cook, Dunbar

Adam Scott Cooper, Cross Lanes

Alvin King Cravens, Nitro

Robert Jago Cruickshank, South Charleston

David Patrick Crum, Charleston

David Lee Currey, Charleston

Dana Lynn Dawson II, Elkview

Ryan McCune Donovan, Charleston

James Roger Durst, Clendenin

Tony Allen Eagle, Elkview

Dana Alvin Elkins, Charleston

Carla Lynn Ervin, East Bank

Megan Lynn Ervin, East Bank

Karly Brooke Eskew, Charleston

Jeffrey Alan Ferrell, Charleston

Paul Douglas Fields, Elkview

Clark Dane Ford, St. Albans

Quinn Ervin French, Tornado

John Paul Fulks Sr., Dunbar

Gerald Gene Gladwell, Cross Lanes

Jessica Nichole Good, South Charleston

Wesley Kyle Gosselink, Charleston

William T. Gould III, Hugheston

Mark Alan Gunderson, Charleston

Eugene Allen Halstead, Tornado

Jason Gray Hamilton, Charleston

Robert Ulrich Harris, St. Albans

John Alan Harshbarger, South Charleston

John Wesley Hawley, Charleston

Holly Anna Hill, Charleston

Daniel Brent Hoel, Charleston

Clinton Richard Hoffman, Dunbar

David Dean Holmes, Charleston

Travis Lee Holmes, Charleston

Kimberly Sue Hoover, Belle

Reba Gay Hutchinson, Handley

Estill Forrest Jones Jr., Charleston

Richard Roland Kellum, Cross Lanes

Lawrence Bennett Kelly, South Charleston

Matthew Edwin Kennedy, South Charleston

Brian Allen Kessler, London

Lee Ann Kinder, South Charleston

Tommy Joe Kinder, South Charleston

Larry Wayne Kinison, Charleston

Bobby Jean Lavender, East Bank

Marciano Belderol Lee, Charleston

Aaron James Lester, Charleston

Mao Rong Lin, Charleston

Jonathan Michael Litton, Charleston

Robert Jeffry Maddy, St. Albans

Garcia Allen Marker, Charleston

William Benjamin Martin, Charleston

Terry Allen Mayhew, St. Albans

Earl Wayne Mays Sr., Charleston

James Richard McBurney, South Charleston

Mark Kevin McCoy, Charleston

Larry Glen McGinnis, Charleston

Jimmy Alan McMillion, Cross Lanes

Penny Elaine McTheny, Elkview

Cameron Allen Meadows, Charleston

Chad Edward Metten, St. Albans

Edward Lee Metten, St. Albans

Cherrie Julia Michaelson, Charleston

Robert Alan Michaelson, Charleston

Thomas Wayne Michels, St. Albans

Michael Robert Milstead, South Charleston

Deborah Kay Montague, Charleston

Charles Edward Moore, Hernshaw

Patrick Brian Moore, Elkview

Becky Linn Morris, Elkview

Charles Henry Morris III, Charleston

Gregory Wayne Morris, Elkview

Karen Sue Morris, St. Albans

Joseph Andrew Motus, St. Albans

Mark Anthony Mullins, Elkview

Benjamin Adam Muscari, Charleston

Lindsey Nicole Muscari, Charleston

Phillip Todd Nichols, Elkview

Billy Kurt Nunley Jr., Nitro

James Patrick Parsons, St. Albans

John David Patton, Dunbar

Gregory Allen Pauley, Elkview

Carol Lea Pennington, Belle

Robert William Pennington, Belle

John E. Peyton, Charleston

William Dee Pierce, Charleston

Allison Marie Plants, Charleston

Mark Aaron Pressman, Charleston

Edward Gene Price, Charleston

Stephen Dwain Rader, South Charleston

Jeffrey Shane Ramirez, Cedar Grove

Richard Arnold Ray, Charleston

Robert Michael Riley, St. Albans

Timothy Sean Rose, Charleston

Kenneth Dayton Rymer, St. Albans

Kimberly Ann Rymer, St. Albans

Shelia Kay Samms, St. Albans

Mark Wayne Shamblin, Dunbar

Sherman Allen Smith, Charleston

Michael Wayne Spaulding, Elkview

Glen Edgar Spradling Sr., South Charleston

Suzette Catherine Staples, Elkview

Richard Stephen Sutphin, Marmet

John Edward Taylor, Charleston

Rebecca Susan Testerman, Cross Lanes

Donald Lee Thompson, Marmet

March Arnold Tucker, Charleston

Stephen Dale Vickers, Nitro

Tamera Lynn Vickers, Nitro

Ronald Wayne Walsten Jr., Dunbar

Chad Scott Watson, South Charleston

Ernest Lee Willey Jr., Charleston

Andrew Dean Williams, South Charleston

Clifford James Williams, St. Albans

Matthew Wayne Williamson, Charleston

Peggy Ann Williams, Charleston

William Daniel Williams, Charleston

Gary Wayne Young, St. Albans

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