Pets of the Week: July 6, 2014

Photo courtesy of REBECCA KOZAK
Mowgli, a hedgehog, likes cantaloupe.
Photo courtesy of MARCELLA BAUGHMAN
Lexi is a courteous calico.
Photo courtesy of MADISON RIGSBY
Bronson enjoys the occasional car ride.
Photo courtesy of LISA M. ERTL
Lennox Lewis Ertl lacks the mentality of his heavyweight namesake.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Lexi is a 14-year-old calico cat who lives with Marcella Baughman in Webster Springs. Baughman says Lexi “always ‘asks’ and is always allowed up on my lap.”

Bronson is a 2½-year-old Lab/chow mix who was rescued from the shelter and lives now with Madison Rigsby, of Charleston. Rigsby says Bronson “loves to go ‘bye-bye’ in the car … and ride with all of his 50 pounds on my lap!”

Mowgli is a 1-year-old hedgehog who belongs to Rebecca Kozak, of Charleston, and enjoys cantaloupe and playing in the grass outside. Kozak says Mowgli is “Always full of energy and will brighten anyone’s day!”

Lennox Lewis Ertl is a 2-year-old mixed-breed feline. He was adopted from the Kanawha/Charleston Animal Shelter and lives with Lisa Ertl, who named him after her favorite heavyweight boxer. “He doesn’t have a boxer mentality though,” Ertl says. Lennox “took over the bathroom sink one morning. He had no intention of moving, so he kept me company as I got ready for work. He’s a light in our family,” she adds.

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