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Letter to Editor: Transport the urban deer


Letter to Editor

With all due respect to Charleston’s Urban Deer Hunt, it is obvious to all by now that it’s not working.

There are more deer than ever in my Windsor Forest neighborhood, gobbling all the flowers in sight, and I expect the same is true in yours. In no way can the city say “Mission Accomplished.”

So, are we to wimp out and cede the territory to the deer? I hope not.

What I would like to see is a crew of trained professionals, equipped with tranquilizer dart guns, make a pass through my neighborhood, putting all the Bambis to sleep and carting them off into the distant wild.

Since the deer are practically tame and there is little woods to hide in, the population could probably be reduced by two-thirds or so in short order.

So, all for the SOS (Save Our Shrubs) Hunt, raise your hands!

Vann Carroll


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