Letter to the editor: Americans are awakening from their slumbers


Letter to the editor

If we look back at America’s history, we will see there was a huge price paid by many courageous men and women.

Battlefields ran red with their blood, but it did not stop their determination to leave a better America for all those who would follow!

So, how much does Freedom cost?

It’s impossible to put a price on one life, of those who’ve fought and died, or those whose lives have been drastically changed, because they chose to defend their country, even those lives lost so many years ago.

Since the American Revolution, there has been a vision for a free America, where her citizens could experience Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and all the Freedoms penned in the Constitution. This sacred document, whose foundation is the Judeo-Christian principles, was our guarantee these freedoms would be a guideline for us to live by, and we have for many years.

The vision was marred when our leaders began tearing down our Constitution, piece by piece,

And we didn’t hold them accountable. We chose to be silent when we needed to speak up, and hold those responsible who were leading the assault on our Freedoms.

For years we’ve slept, while this attack ensued, but now, we’ve chosen to shake off this slumber, we are seeing this vision revived, by noticing our leaders’ actions and hearing their words.

May we continue to use our voices and help bring about the changes our country so desperately needs.

Nancy L. Bradley


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