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The biggest disappointment in the campaign so far is Natalie Tennant, she’s a Shelley Moore Capito clone. Who’s for the environment?

Which is worse? Hobby Lobby turning a blind eye to forced abortions by their trading partners in China, but opposing birth control in the US for profit? Or the US Supreme Court upholding this hypocrisy for religious freedom?

Please don’t mow down the chicory and Queen Anne’s lace growing next to the railroad track in South Charleston, on your left as you go toward South Charleston from the Patrick street bridge.

It’s sad that it took a common enemy to bring us together, but it’s wonderful that the U.S., Russia, and Iran are working together to try to bring stability to Iraq. Hopefully we can cooperate on other things in the future. They are not our enemies.

Businesses often put up signs saying, “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” so it seems reasonable to say “No guns” also. Target stores might not kick someone out for parading around like a militia member with an AK-15 slung over his shoulder, but they should have the right to refuse him service. I don’t want this country turning into one big Mexican standoff.

The U.S. claims to be “profoundly troubled” that an Arab-American boy was severely beaten by Israeli police. On another note, they are also “shocked, shocked” to find that there is gambling at Rick’s.

On the news Thursday night, a Dunbar police officer stated that they were clamping down on the fireworks by residents this year. Any resident that got caught setting off fireworks that went into the air would be arrested. Well, every neighbor and the surrounding streets were setting off all kinds of rockets and different fireworks that headed towards the sky way past 2 a.m. and not an officer in sight.

I’m totally against racism, bigotry, etc. But where exactly shall we draw the line in this country for being ‘sorry’ to certain groups that have been wronged. If we really wanted to make right with the native Americans, we’d just give them back their country and all of us could just go back to our own homelands. We stole their land. Now we want to make nice and change the name of a football team.

Amazing how people misuse some terms such as “I could care less” which would indicate they care more, when their intent was “I couldn’t care less”

Were the passengers on the Delta jet attempting to land at Yeager Airport during the July 4 fireworks in any kind of danger? Did anyone get a photo of the plane while it was flying through the middle of the fireworks? It was scary yet awesome.

Conservatives have no ideas, only a class war that pits ignorant and bigoted people against everyone else. They cling to the George W. Bush failures. They love tax cuts for the rich, deregulation, privatization and war. They hate science and Obama and blame poor people, gays, the government, and everyone else for their own failings. It’s sad.

Dogs are terrified of loud noises. Why were so many people taking their dogs to the Fourth of July fireworks? This constitutes animal abuse/cruelty.

Our support of Israel has nothing to do with their yearly income. If you don’t understand that you’re part of the trouble in the world.

In the past 12 months, the economy has added nearly 2.5 million jobs - an average of 208,000 a month, the fastest year-over-year pace since 2006, and the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.1%. Thank you, Mr. President, you get the credit, since the do-nothing, “Party of No” Republicans have been of no help.

I can’t believe America is 2014 years old already!

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