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Moments in Time: Joyland Park

J. Waters/
Joyland Park -- A little-known amusement park that I visited in the mid-’50s was Joyland Park in DuPont City, near Belle. The park was developed by Johnny Denton, who owned Gold Medal Shows, a carnival that toured several states. The constant setting up and tearing down eventually takes its toll on even the best rides and equipment, and it becomes too costly to continue. In Joyland, Denton must have felt he could extend the life of some of his aging equipment. Joyland was home to several colorful entrepreneurs during its brief existence, including Bobby Cooper, Natie Brown, John Swisher, the Picozzis, the Carters and the Millers. The park closed soon after a 7-year-old boy was killed in an accident by the train you see here in June of 1957. DuPont High School was built on the grounds around 1963.

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