Struggling swimmer pulled from Kanawha River

By Staff reports

Kanawha County Deputy Emergency Services Director C.W. Sigman helped keep a man from drowning Thursday afternoon.

Sigman said he was sitting in his office at the Kanawha County Courthouse when an emergency call came in just before 2 p.m. about a water rescue at Haddad Riverfront Park. Sigman heard the emergency call, ran out of his office and across Kanawha Boulevard to the river, where he saw a man struggling in the water.

"He told us he decided to go for a swim, but found out he couldn't swim so well," Sigman said. He said he grabbed hold of the struggling man to wait for help to arrive.

"I got over there and held onto him until the fire department got there," Sigman said.

Capt. Danny Anderson, EMS supervisor for the Charleston Fire Department, was next to arrive.

"When I got there, I grabbed his other arm and we pulled him out," Anderson said. He said the man received minor injuries while being hauled out of the water, but was treated at the scene. Anderson did not release the man's name.

Anderson said he didn't know what would have happened to the man if Sigman hadn't shown up when he did.

"The guy was really struggling," Anderson said.

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