Editorial: Vote on Facebook for the West Virginia State Police cruiser

West Virginia State Police cruiser
Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser

As the photos above show, West Virginia State Police cruisers look the best. Yet somehow the Ohio Highway Patrol car is ahead in an online contest run by American Association of State Troopers.

That’s not right. West Virginians must fix that.

Readers should go online to their Facebook page, look up the association’s contest, scroll down and Like the West Virginia State Police cruiser. The address is https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.693735914033237.1073741835.145952212144946&type=1.

This is not just a matter of state pride. This is a matter of automotive excellence. As State Police spokesman Mike Baylous told Metronews, “We just need to get a lot of votes out there and move that Ohio cruiser out of the left lane.”

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