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Readers’ voice

The articles in the paper about Mark Plants are absolutely outrageous. He should have to pay for his own defense. If we do something, we pay for our own defense. He should be fired.

What about all of this lottery money if the state or schools need money? Where is all that money going? They get money when you buy tickets and they take almost half of it out for taxes. They should have plenty of money.

Any time you go to the store now on the receipt they want you to take a survey. This takes up extra time. They want you to go on the Internet or make a call and take a survey. All the questions are the same and they’re stupid. I hate it.

The person who stated that Russia and Iran are our friends and not our enemies has got to be the most ignorant, ill-informed person that’s able to read and use a telephone.

If you believe the numbers in jobs created that Obama just made up, then why are the number of welfare, SSI and food stamp recipients still climbing?

Mountaintop removal within 5 miles of the state Capitol: this is an all-time low. You all are insane to allow this.

I’m wondering if there’s a new policy in the state of West Virginia that in order to be a state government department head that your name must end in a vowel.

I see where Kroger is giving more off of products with digital coupons. I can’t afford to buy what I need to use digital coupons and this is a blow to me. I will never buy anything in your store again.

Would someone please explain to me why the employer is required to furnish birth control for the ladies? When I was of childbearing age my employer didn’t pay for mine. My husband and I had to pay for it. What’s wrong with this picture?

To the person who said that people who notice people buying junk food with their EBT card — you go. Exactly. If everyone would just mind their own business this world would be a much better place.

In this day and time and the way Republicans act, I cannot understand how any woman in her right mind could vote for a Republican. They want to take all women’s rights away, they want us to go back to the 1920s, they don’t want us to drive and they don’t want us to vote. They just want us to stay pregnant and have babies. So how can any woman in her right mind vote for a republican?

Shame on the good old USA for legalizing same-sex marriage and for taking prayer and Bibles out of schools. Now even in middle schools they’re handing out condoms. Now the USA is legalizing marijuana. What they’re doing is legalizing filth.

When a crooked employee, especially an elected person, gets caught, why do they always drag their wife into the picture with them that always appears on the front page of the newspaper?

If the new school’s chief’s idea of arriving with fierce urgency is in September, I would hate to see what would happen when we really have to deal with something that’s urgent.

I wanted to let Pete Thaw know how much I appreciate him and the work he’s done with the Board of Education. I really, really appreciate his honesty and I wish him the very best.

I read an article in the newspaper that street paving in Charleston is near completion. From the looks of the streets in Charleston, you can’t tell they even started.

Isn’t it time for the West Virginia Sportswriters Hall of Fame, to add James “Jim Gloomy” Jarrett to its membership? Surely he is truly worthy of being a member of this Hall of Fame. Head basketball of Charleston High 1959-61, Head Coach Garnet High School 1940-1955, a coaching career of over 40 years and with a winning percentage of 74 percent.

The fact that televised sporting events take precedence over actual entertainment is appalling. Anyone who would rather watch advertisements on wheels in a perpetual left turn for hours over Peter Jackson’s crowning cinematic achievement that is “The Lord of the Rings” is clearly in need of a lobotomy.

In Monday’s paper in Phil Kabler’s column, he stated that he has not received his state tax return as of Monday. Many residents in this state has been put on hold and this taxpayer submitted a return in April.

If Iran or Russia had arrested an American teen and beaten him until his face was swollen, my bet is that our government, our citizens, and our media, including this newspaper, would be outraged and calling for retribution. It was Israel, though, so no one will say a word.

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