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What did the state do with all of the money to patch the potholes?

I’m tired of reading about Mark Plants. Please give it a break and talk about something else.

I hope Oscar Pistorius, the amputee athlete, is found guilty of murdering his girlfriend. I know he is guilty. What a shame if he gets off. It’ll be terrible.

What has happened to America? It’s called, “I’ve got mine and the rest of you can go to blazes.” So much for the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Turning away little children? Proud of my country? Not.

Watch what you say when you vent. Remember, Obama is listening.

If the State Police are going to have the right to come out into the streets and shoot you if you disturb them, please have a listing of where they live so we can avoid them.

To the caller who suggested Nancy Pelosi and some of the other liberals take in some of the children coming into this country: that would be cruel and unusual punishment to the children.

It appears that Big Bottom Road has been removed from the DOH’s map. I know we don’t have many votes, but it is starting to appear that Big Bottom Road will never be repaired.

Why is Cliven Bundy from Nevada above the law? The U.S. Bureau of Land Management needs to get additional help from other law enforcement agencies. When Bundy and the other wackos interfere while they are doing their job, they all should be arrested.

If you want to hear the truth about what is happening in the world, especially in the Middle East, you should be watching Al Jazeera America News. They don’t have a political agenda. Just the truth.

Any suggestions on how to keep cats out of my flowerbed?

Vice President Cheney working for Halliburton got the Republican Congress to exempt fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act and the frackers do not have to tell us what chemicals they are using.

Now pharmacists and other stores have to keep an eye on Benadryl, diphenhydramine. Kids are taking 10 at a time doing what is called “Benadryl tripping.” Kids are dying from this too.

When they work on the Interstate in Kanawha County, they work from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., but in Cabell County they take over a year and have very few workers out there during the day? It is outrageous how they’ve dragged their feet out on that job in Cabell County.

What sort of person wants to carry a gun 24/7 or especially in a house of worship — a house of supposedly Christian love.

Just read the vent about the State Tax Department and the person waiting on their refund and the tax department instead is sending them a bill. The same thing happened to me. I was due a refund and I thought it was cleared up and today I got a bill with interest tacked on.

Why is Coach James Jarrett, the former coach of Garnett and Charleston High School, not in the W.Va. Sports Writers Hall of Fame? He deserves to be there. He was a wonderful coach, mentor and teacher.

I’m a 77-year-old woman who has a revolver for self-protection. I’d rather throw it in a river than carry it into a place of worship. Church is a place of peace and worship of God.

West Virginia is the land that time forgot. You see things like on Andy Griffith every day.

Now let’s see, how far are the million-dollar condos on Smith Street from Hansford Street?

My husband received excellent care from the VA Hospital in Huntington and the VA Center in Kanawha City.

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