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Thanks to the reader who put the remarks in about West Virginia Public Radio’s moving of the excellent “Living on Earth” program to 5 a.m. on Saturday. I don’t mind getting up early. We need to know what that program is telling us.

Only in West Virginia could you see a picture on the front page of the paper showing the governor and our senator’s wife clapping and smiling about hiring a man from Maryland who was just a whisker away from being indicted for malfeasance in office. And they’re going to pay this guy half a billion dollars a year.

Birth control is an extremely personal issue. Ladies, grow up. Take care of your birth control. This is ridiculous. Birth control pills cost pennies a day. If you can’t afford them, get a job.

I was once a Republican, but I’ve switched to being a democrat. Obama is a wonderful president. Everything he’s tried to pass that hasn’t been his fault that it hasn’t passed, it’s been because of obstructions of the Republican Party. I will never vote for another Republican as long as I live.

I think Joe Holland has the right to run his business as he sees fit. If you don’t like it, don’t work for him. This is America, and he has the right to run his business the way he wants.

We don’t need to have illegal children dumped into our country: we can make our own.

The Republicans are hogging the media with their screaming and yelling about the bad old Democrats. We Democrats need to grow a backbone and stand up and start screaming back with the truth.

If anyone in the state of West Virginia has any relatives in Kentucky, tell them not to vote for Mitch McConnell.

I have neighbors from another country that have been in the USA for 45 years. I still cannot understand one word they say. They are professionals, so why have they not taken some speech classes?

Okay, enough is enough. It’s time that Mark Plants resigned and let the county go about healing.

We read where you are getting ready to mine in Loudendale. Enough is enough. Everyone get out and fight against that. Everyone should support the coalition against it. West Virginia is a beautiful state and it’s time that West Virginia takes a stand against it.

With the new light pattern at the Walgreens on Washington Street, I think we ought to make Springdale and Maple roads one-way.

I cannot imagine that marijuana will ever be legal in West Virginia until the crooked politicians can find a way to skim all the profits.

Why not auction off things that belong to the state and use that money to renovate our beautiful buildings?

Why would the Putnam County Commission hold any kind of special meeting for a new business that they’re giving away money to?

What’s wrong with all of you West Virginia Mountaineer football fans? Season ticket sales at a nine-year low? Could it be that they were so pitiful last year and only won one game? Maybe you should give Holgorsen another raise. Oh, he is going to get another $70,000 when he’s here in December, isn’t he?

It’s time for the Kanawha County and Charleston officials to stop playing this harsh political game and let Plants do his job.

Please tell me how the police can seize $500,000 worth of illegal marijuana and there are no arrests. Something here doesn’t sound right.

I see in the paper that they are paying $200 an hour to Don Morris to handle the Mark Plants mess. That is ridiculous. I live on minimum wage, and if he quits the job, I would like to have it.

I am so tired of listening to people complain about the Charleston user fee. How long have we had this fee? Ten years? If this fee were that big of a deal you’d think that in ten years you would have found yourself a different job outside of the city. If it’s that bad, then leave.

I think the DNR is correct in trading the Kanawha State Forest for a visitors center. The visitors center will be here long after the forest is gone.

I find it interesting that the Marshall Artists Series in Huntington has a far better lineup for their season than the Clay Center could ever dream of.

We need more research on these children at our borders. What kind of parent sends children alone with hundreds of other children to try and find help for themselves? What kind of parents are these? I need to know more and we need to do more — fast.

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