Potpourri: July 14, 2014

It’s outrageous that the IRS is unable to collect an estimated $385 billion owed yearly by U.S. taxpayers. The New York Times calls this loss “an unintended tax cut, mostly for the rich, that represents 11 percent of this year’s spending.” The IRS needs more auditors to catch wealthy Americans who elude payment — but Republicans in Congress want to slash $341 million from the agency’s budget, which would hinder collections.


Marshall University has announced another Marshall Artist Series. We always think it should be called Marshall Arts.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the young Muslim accused of planting two bombs that killed three people and wounded 260 at the 2013 Boston Marathon, texted a friend that it’s good to die a holy martyr “with a smile on your face and go straight to heaven.” What insanity. Only idiots think that God wants them to murder innocent strangers — and that God will reward killers by sending them “straight to heaven.” With international warfare mostly faded, this sort of irrational bloodshed has become the foremost peril of the 21st century.


We know a retired Charleston woman of Polish descent whose special license plate is BABCI (Polish for grandmother).


Through May, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has brought medical insurance to 6.7 million lower-income Americans. Will Republicans still try to revoke this blessing that lets millions of families take their children to doctors?


Bearing arms in West Virginia: Joshua Oberg, 29, of Buckhannon, was shot and stabbed to death in 2012. Rodolpho Correa is scheduled to be tried this month on charges that he paid two “hit men” $5,000 for the killing. One of the men, Robert Siron III, pleaded guilty and drew 16 years in prison. The other, Jessie Heater, was convicted and is to be sentenced in August.

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