Readers’ voice: July 14, 2014

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I’m 78 years old and I still ride a bicycle and you’d better not hit me. I ride on the correct side of the road and obey all of the rules. Anyone who would complain must be someone who can’t ride themselves or were never taught to ride a bicycle.

Those of us who go out or have loved ones who have to go out into the weather in the morning need and welcome the brief, frequent reports of the day’s weather forecasts. Thank you so much for those forecasts.

Obama has done nothing for the working people, has handed out medical insurance for people who will never work, given food stamps to people who don’t want to work and now is helping bring children into this country so he can establish a one-party system.

Put your sympathy aside. Pull out the school buses and take all of those children back to Mexico. Some of them were probably kidnapped. We should stand against their plans to fill our country with illegals. Stop this now; we need to stand firm with our border controls.

I would like to thank the three firemen and the police officer that came to the rescue of my neighbor and I on Monday after our car broke down on West Washington Street, and also to the two gentlemen who helped us. They really did a lot for us and we both appreciate all of them.

I, too, went through public school without air conditioning and so did our teachers. Thank goodness our children can have the blessing of air conditioning now on hot, humid days.

How in the world can we trust Mark Manchin when he can’t lock a car and take the keys with him? The car is stolen and he’s absolutely mystified. How could that happen? No one does things that stupid.

Thank goodness for the alert and concerned citizens who blocked traffic from a sudden sinkhole on Charleston’s Quarrier Street.

To a former caller: I loved Jimmy Carter and I still love him. He was a good president. It was our country that made a great mistake by not re-electing him. We know that now. President Obama? We didn’t make the same mistake.

I miss my Quincy Kroger. I can’t understand why it was closed. Marmet’s Kroger is just not equivalent at all to customer service that the one at Quincy had. The employees were also so much more courteous to the customers and it was stocked on a regular basis.

These people that use their credit cards for everything like a little $5 meal at a restaurant haven’t been paying any attention to the news. They need to be careful with their credit card numbers. They haven’t heard the horror stories.

Does anyone believe that Obama will send any of those illegal immigrants back home? We taxpayers will end up paying the bill for them.

I wish that someone with the Board of Education would take a close look at why they cannot keep any custodians at Riverside High School, especially in the last four years.

Hey people in South Hills — you’d better get on it and stop that mountaintop removal near your houses. All of that pollution is going to blow right over your property and all of that wildlife is going to be dead or dislocated. It’s a nightmare. Why don’t you all get on it?

To the caller commenting on the jobs being created under Obama and as to why the numbers on our social programs are still going up: it’s because they’re minimum-wage jobs and on this pay scale, they still qualify. We need jobs that pay better and then they wouldn’t need this helping hand.

If you are scammed by a crooked company or person, don’t waste your time to call consumer protection. They’ll send you one letter to say that they’re on the case, and then they’ll send you another letter to tell you that the perpetrator did not respond. You’re just wasting your time calling consumer protection: they do not help you.

In regards to the draft notices that were sent out to people over a century old and have long since perished, it just goes to show you how many names are in that database of our government and how far back they stretch.

I’ve called several times about that red Mustang convertible that runs up and down Hanna Drive like somebody crazy. I’m trying to get you all to maybe save somebody’s life because there are a lot of people who walk up and down through here.

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