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Reader’s Voice: July 15, 2014

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The traffic lights in Charleston are timed and sequenced fairly well. But several side streets have the green light too long. The city engineer should investigate.

If an expensive shiny diesel pickup has a chrome fuel tank and electric pump in the bed, you can probably bet he’s running off-road fuel in the truck and not paying highway taxes.

Afraid more negative news from D.C. will hurt Democrats in mid-term elections Harry Reid has all but shut Congress down. He’s not smart enough to realize the damage is done. America is waking up and seeing which party has hurt our country the most.

As long as my hard-earned money pays taxes that are used to fund your EBT card, what you spend it on is my business.

Mountaineers are not free. We need to change our state slogan. Freedom doesn’t result in mine and gas companies being able to rough shod over families and individual property owners. Our state slogan should be open for exploitation. Manchin almost had it right. Sorrow for those living near Kanawha State Forest.

Has anyone checked to see how much money the new state superintendent of schools has contributed to Manchin’s election or re-election campaigns?

There were as many protesters as viewers at the recent golf game at Greenbrier. National news covered it but the local news must have missed them.

Longtime AFL-CIO endorsed candidate Glenn Gainer is the workingman’s best vote for Congress. His opponent has a dismal 40 percent labor voting record. He has shown by his voting that he is against workers, seniors, and women. Don’t be misled. Do your own research.

How come our president has armed security guards around the White House, but the only security guards at the country’s border are babysitting illegal aliens? Yet, the president wants our unemployed citizens to pay for the care of his illegal aliens.

King James returning to Cleveland? What’s next, Rich Rod returning to WVU? We could hope.

West Virginia is number one in total idiots per square foot for even considering allowing mountaintop removal around Kanawha State Forest, five miles from our Capitol, one of the state’s most beautiful landmarks.

To those complaining about insurance plans covering birth control: Insurance plans also cover pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned. And trust me, a pregnancy is exponentially more expensive than contraception. And if a family is on public assistance, you’ll also help pay to raise that unplanned child. So wouldn’t you rather help pay for birth control?

The money on your EBT card comes from taxes paid by working people. Yes the person who works but has to use coupons and buy generic to stretch their paycheck has every right to be upset when you misuse your EBT card.

Over the years, I have purchased many cars from Joe Holland Chevrolet. My first in 1969, a Chevelle SS. I will never buy another car there. For personal reasons, I cannot accept Joey making medical decisions for his female employees.

I saw again a derogatory remark about a person or group being liberal in this space. What I do not understand is, what is wrong with being liberal? I have as much right to be liberal as anyone has being conservative. I am conservative with my financial status but I share some of it with those less fortunate than I am. I pay the income tax I am supposed to but I do not like subsidizing multi-billion-dollar corporations who (since our outstanding Supreme Court ruled corporations are people) make billions in profit yearly.

I totally support Kent Carper and Dave Hardy for trying to get Mark Plants to resign. They are correct. Mr. Plants is not performing all the duties that he was elected to do. On a regular job you would be out the door. The people of Kanawha County need to stand in support of his removal from office. He is a cheat everyday that he is on the payroll.

I would like to see President Obama counter-sue John Boehner for wasting taxpayer money and not doing his job.

You people carping about bicycle rules of the highway have missed the mark. ATVs are a much bigger physical and financial burden than bicycles will ever be. ATV accidents only make the news only if there is a fatality. What costs taxpayers more is the accidents that incur maiming and disability, of which is there are many. So, who foots the bill for these uninsured vehicles? These vehicles need to be barred from all roads, and if riding on an authorized trail, should have medical and collision insurance.

I agree 100% with the reader who suggested that people who talk on their phones and text while driving should be penalized the same as if they were driving drunk. Several times I have had to blow my horn to get one of those idiots to acknowledge that I was, in fact, on the road before they plowed into me with their head down looking at their phone.

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