South Charleston postal code issue resolved

By By Marta Tankersley
Staff writer

Some addresses listed as Charleston will have their third lines changed to South Charleston following a U.S. Postal Service survey, Mayor Frank Mullen said Thursday.

The survey asked residents with those ZIP codes to identify the name of the city in which they reside.

“We don’t know what the numbers were, but the default city name on 25303 and 25309 is going back to South Charleston,” Mullens said at a meeting of the City Council. “This had caused problems with not just identity, but with taxation issues and — fingers crossed — this will finally get corrected, but it may take some time.”

In May, a Postal Service representative told the Gazette it would release a survey to 25309 and 25303 addresses, asking whether residents would like their addresses to read “Charleston” or “South Charleston.” The representative said those results will be collected and whatever choice received a 51 percent majority would become the third address line for those ZIP codes.

Also at the meeting, the city of South Charleston approved more than $0.5 million in expenses.

A $437,647.60 bid for street paving project was approved after a unanimous roll call vote.

The work will be completed by West Virginia Paving of Dunbar, Mullens said.

Two bids for work at the Little Creek Golf Course pro shop were also approved in a unanimous roll call vote.

New windows will be installed by Mountaineer Glass Inc. of Dunbar at a cost of $39,500 and electrical wiring and a communications system will be installed by Best Electric of Charleston at a cost of $36,839.14.

“These are budgeted items,” Mullens said. “We have a lot of irons in the fire and just need to take a deep breath and finish what we’ve started.

“We are building with anticipation of growth in the future — not tunnel vision, but a vision toward growth,” he continued.

Council passed an ordinance to renew a Housing Consortium agreement for 2015, 2016 and 2017 that makes low interest home loans available throughout Kanawha County. The measure must be approved every three years.

Police Sgt. Robert Houck said that two officers are set to graduate from the State Police Academy in August and a third officer will be hired at the end of July.

“This will bring the department up to full staff,” Houck said.

City Attorney Michael Moore said he is making final preparations for the Home Rule presentation before the Home Rule Board Monday, Aug. 4.

“There are 23 cities applying for only 16 slots,” Mullens said.

Home Rule is a type of municipal charter that streamlines self-governance under federal and state guidelines.

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