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Charleston man arrested in weekend slaying

Marlon “Ice” Dixon is escorted to Kanawha County Magistrate Court from the Charleston Police Department to be arraigned on a first-degree murder charge.

Marlon Dewayne “Ice” Dixon shot to death Branda “MiMi” Basham because she was working with law enforcement as a confidential informant on drug investigations, police said Thursday.

Basham’s assistance led to Dixon’s arrest and indictment for distribution of narcotics, according to the criminal complaint.

Dixon was arraigned in Kanawha County Magistrate Court Thursday night and is being held without bond.

He faces life in prison on first-degree murder charges.

Basham, 22, was shot three times sometime early Saturday, Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Steve Cooper said. Her body was found along the railroad tracks near Breece and Madison streets on Charleston’s West Side.

Several interviews with people who know Dixon assisted the Charleston Police in their investigation.

One witness who has an intimate relationship with the defendant allegedly told police Dixon came to and left her home at Madison Street several times throughout the night of the shooting.

Home surveillance footage from the house showed Dixon using a rag to wipe down the front door knob and door the night of the murder, according to the criminal complaint.

Another witness told police Dixon showed up that night and asked her to wash his clothes, which she did.

She also said she received a phone call from Dixon after the police executed a search warrant and Dixon asked if the police got his shoes.

She said the defendant started yelling at her and said “there is probably blood on them!”

After obtaining a search warrant, Charleston detectives detected blood on both the door and a pair of the defendant’s tennis shoes.

The same witness said Dixon was carrying a black pistol in his waistband the night of the murder and also told her “MiMi was killed because she wore a wire and was working as an informant for the police,” according to police.

Another witness told police Dixon allegedly told her the night of the murder that Basham had got him caught and asked her if she had seen Basham.

The witness said Dixon’s demeanor drastically changed when he asked about Basham and she had “cold chills run down her body,” the criminal complaint states.

Detectives obtained Basham’s cell phone records and found she had traded multiple calls and texts with Dixon, including communication from around 2:30 a.m. until the time of her death on Saturday.

The records showed that Dixon was the last person to communicate with Basham.

Charleston police were also informed that Dixon regularly carries a black 9 mm pistol, matching two bullets found at the crime scene.

Dixon was initially called a “person of interest” who police wanted to interview about the case, then police began a full-scale manhunt Thursday after issuing an arrest warrant for Dixon on the first-degree murder charge.

In the days since the shooting, Dixon had been posting messages on the Facebook and sending text messages to the police department.

“The fact that he has taunted law enforcement hasn’t added any fuel to the fire for us,” Cooper said. But he said police were concerned for the safety of the public and those who may know Dixon.

Cooper said friends or relatives may have been helping Dixon hide from police. He said anyone found to have helped Dixon could be charged with aiding and abetting or harboring a fugitive.

During his arraignment, Dixon told Magistrate Joe L. Shelton that he has no job, income, or vehicle and lives on the streets. He is also charged with intent to deliver a controlled substance, which carries a one- to 15-year sentence, and domestic battery, which could carry a one-year sentence.

His preliminary hearing will be held at 1:30 p.m. on July 24 in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

Staff writer Rachel Molenda

contributed to this report.

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