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Readers Voice: July 17, 2014

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The Plants case is childish. My dad whipped me several time when I was young. Deserved every one of them. Admired my dad to this day.

Conservative logic: Although he has deported more illegal aliens than any other president, Republicans blame President Obama for the immigration crisis. So, Obama asks for more money to increase the rate of deportation of illegal aliens, and Congressional Republicans refuse to fund the effort, saying it is Obama’s fault that more illegal aliens aren’t being deported. Does this make sense to anyone except Obama haters?

Last time I looked, it was against the law to move a business out of state to break up a union or keep it from organizing, look at Boeing. Scare tactics used by the GOP leaders seem to scare some. It’s all about keeping you a slave, a rich man moves on.

“Several School Building Authority members at The Chop House restaurant on a Sunday night” Wonder what that meal cost the taxpayer. I personally cannot afford to eat at the Chop House. My state taxes are so high I must eat elsewhere. I also lock my car, even when it’s parked in my own driveway.

God is not ridiculous. Religion is ridiculous.

Rand Paul picking on Rick Perry is like Moe picking on Curly.

Ben Barkey of WVEA is correct. How is better teacher training going to eliminate the social problems of the students who come from Charleston’s West Side? If a child comes to school late everyday and is tired and hungry and does no homework teacher training will do little to nothing to solve that problem. This country better wake up and realize that until we get a handle on poverty educational test scores will not improve significantly and over a long period of time.

I would like to know the benefit or reason, of the Huttonsville Correctional Center, denying the prisoners that are in solitary confinement books to read. They are in lockdown for 24 hours a day, they are allowed to take a shower three times a week, with shackles on their ankles. This may be the only time, that some of the prisoners would read, since there is nothing else for them to do.

As responsible parents we teach our children not to ride their bikes in the street, on or even near the road where two thousand pound vehicles go whizzing by. All of the back and forth over bicyclists’ right to use the road is silly. Non-motored vehicles have absolutely no business being within fifty yards of a street, road or highway.

Last night talking to several other liberal Democrats, we agreed: (1) the only place you get any news on the Benghazi attack, and the invasion of our southern borders is Fox News (2) but then they follow it up with some right-wing nut case.

I am eagerly awaiting the “Friends of Coal” response to John McFerrin’s July 15 opinion piece. I’ve often wondered why, if coal has been so vital to West Virginia’s economy, that the counties with the most coal are those that most closely resemble a Third World nation. No coal company owner lives anywhere near the coal fields.

The GOP of West Virginia were hidden during the water crisis, so who do you want to represent you a ghost who hides when you need help or someone with a backbone. Their war on coal took precedent over a war on water.

The person who said Bush had forgotten more than Obama knows could be right. Cocaine does some weird things to one’s brain.

Regardless of how much hate you have for President Obama, how can any rational person be against his plan for good medical care for every citizen in this country? Also, how can anyone be against the first lady’s plan for healthy meals and a better lifestyle for our children? If you don’t like their proposals, give us some better options.

Natalie Tennant moves in lock-step with a group of anti-American control freaks like her endorser, Elizabeth Warren, who sneers at the hard work of coal miners and small business owners alike. She imagines a war on women but is blind to our need for well-paying jobs and national security.

On July 9, Israeli airstrikes bombed a major water line and sewage plant west of Gaza City. As reported by Haaretz, Interior Minister Eli Yishai said: “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages ....” Destroying civilian infrastructure is — of course — a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

How proud you West Virginia people must be of your coal company congressman McKinley for introducing a bill to prevent the pentagon from protecting this country during global warming caused problem. He said global warming is not real so I guess he is being paid big bucks to sell this country out.

President Bush opened the floodgates on illegals because they were cheap, if not slave labor, for large corporations. President Obama has sent more home than any other president. But do you know why we Americans are having such a fuss over these children? They don’t work. They are not a work force that we can use and abuse. They are an expense.

I fear the anti-gun nuts will turn a lot of states into Republican super-majorities in the next election — a disaster for social programs, education and health care.

Photo ops show our president playing pool while on the campaign trail. If he does that the same way he does his job, I would love to get him in a game of nine-ball. Too busy enjoying life to address the issues facing our country now.

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