Reader’s voice: July 18, 2014

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Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal: it doesn’t matter. Put politics aside, stop hindering any progress because the opposing party has a different way of thinking, and start making positive changes for America and her people. The two-party system should be like the two hemispheres of the human brain, coming together for the greater good; not opposing soccer teams, each preventing the other from their goals.

It is obvious why conservatives want to send all the little children back to the violence they are trying to escape in Central America, even though the law forbids it. They need to ask themselves: What would Jesus do?

Colorado pot isn’t $25 a gram. It’s about $17 for the best strains and as low as $12. All of it is better quality and inspected against molds and mites. For the additional $2-7 per gram you also get the complete removal of legal risk, as well as the knowledge that you are funding education for children and supporting local businesses and tax bases. West Virginia is missing the boat. Again.

If Warren is an example of who Natalie Tennant plans to work with in D.C. it’s a good reason not to send her.

Two more Republican politicians arrested. Former Utah attorneys general are accused of corruption and taking bribes. Republicans claim they are the party of family values and Christianity when they are nothing but hypocrites fooling gullible voters.

The reason that the Saturday Gazette-Mail referenced the Israeli offensive rather than Hamas rockets when talking about civilian deaths is because Hamas rockets had not killed an Israeli civilian until Tuesday. Meanwhile, in Gaza, the death toll is currently 197, with over 1500 wounded, most of them civilians.

Someone should ask candidates how we are to survive without clean water. It’s hard enough now carrying it in bottles and jugs. How are they getting by or do they have someone to carry it?

Who cares about Lebron? I want Kenny Powers playing for the Braves again.

Does all of the income count in a household when they’re handing out freebies?

To Family Dollar and Kroger, if all you offer is digital coupons, I’ll take my business elsewhere. Be fair to all.

I wonder where a guy can get an application to be an area weather forecaster. I’d be perfect for the job: I’m wrong all the time, too.

They want to do mountaintop removal over in Kanawha State Forest. I wonder if people in the state of West Virginia will ever wise up and run these coal companies out of the state. When they start strip mining around the state Capitol here, I wonder what they’ll do? Nothing. They’re all a bunch of chickens.

Why should we be paying farmers to go to Charleston to lobby for grants and other monies for erosion control and then they want to turn around and change the law so they can get it themselves? No one should be able to appoint money to themselves.

To the 78-year-old bike rider: the roads were made for cars, not bicycles. If you get out there in the lane where you aren’t supposed to be, I’m not swerving to get out of your way.

Just think that if everyone paid their fair share of taxes, Charleston could afford to fix their century-old sewer system.

Thank you to whoever owns and cares for the small flower garden on the corner of Dickinson and Quarrier streets. It’s beautiful and spirit lifting.

I am thankful to be an able-bodied working person. I feel that Obama has done an excellent job for me and for all other working people.

It is a shame that senior citizens this year had to go stand in line to receive their farmers market vouchers and to be told that there are no longer any vouchers.

I was very sick and was locked out of my house, and I would very much like to thank the Dunbar police officer and the Dunbar fireman who came and got me inside my house. You are very much appreciated.

People are so ignorant that they do not understand the Supreme Court decision on birth control. It only affects the morning-after type medications, the types that induce abortions. That’s why Christian businesses oppose them. Pregnancy prevention medications are still approved for use under Obamacare.

As a concerned dog and animal person, the cops kill too many dogs that they don’t necessarily have to. They could tranquilize them. They had no need to shoot Willy Pete. I’ve been mad ever since I read that article.

I wonder if the mayor of St. Albans can get the lights repaired from Park Street all the way down 6th Avenue to the Go-Mart. Every one of them is out.

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