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Coach: Expect Sills to fit in at WVU

By By Chris Anderson
For the Gazette

Dwayne Thomas has sent players to USC, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Michigan and more over the last three years, so it’s safe to say the Eastern Christian Academy (Md.) coach knows a thing or two about talent.

And according to him, West Virginia got a good one in quarterback David Sills.

Expect Sills to fit in right away at WVU, Thomas said.

“He will be a tremendous asset there,’’ Thomas said of the 6-foot-3, 180-pounder. “He will fit into the scheme they have there perfectly.’’

And Thomas would know — he’s had Sills as his starting quarterback each of the last three years. This will be his fourth.

“He started all four years for us and he leads our offseason program,’’ said Thomas. “His leadership at quarterback is what all coaches dream of.’’

As good as a fit Sills is for West Virginia, Thomas says the reverse is true, too, and a major reason the three-star quarterback picked the Mountaineers.

“This is pretty close to a perfect fit for him, being that they have seniors [at quarterback] this year, and he’s going to be a mid-year kid,’’ Thomas said. “He’ll show up in January and compete against a redshirt freshman [William Crest] and a sophomore that’s never played [Skyler Howard] and he’ll have a good shot to beat them out. I think the roster is set up for him pretty well.’’

Another contributing factor to Sills’ decision was the success of two former teammates at West Virginia, Daikiel Shorts and Wendell Smallwood.

“He has two teammates that have done well and played early, and that played a part,’’ said Thomas. “Daikiel Shorts is a slot receiver and possibly his best friend. So David can learn the ropes from him.’’

And finally, the relationship with the coaching staff was what sealed the deal.

“I think the offensive coordinator, Shannon Dawson, had that personality that really clicked with David,’’ Thomas said. “They have had some tremendous conversations that were very informative. I think Shannon showed David his personality off the field, too.’’

And, of course, Dana Holgorsen and his offense, and the fact that he has given two others (Shorts and Smallwood) an opportunity to start as freshmen (played a factor).

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