Letter to the editor: Fred H. Joseph: Rahall’s seniority is no help to voters


Letter to the editor

A vent in Vent Line on July 4 said we cannot afford to lose Congressman Rahall because in losing Sens. Byrd and Rockefeller, we would lose the ability to generate federal funding for the 3rd District of West Virginia.

Ironically, for all of Rahall’s seniority, more funds actually go to Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s 2nd Congressional District.

The money that comes to the 3rd District is comparable to what is spent in Congressman David McKinley’s 1st District, which is represented by a Republican member firstelected in 2010.

The seniority argument doesn’t hold water when you look at the facts.

To send Mr. Rahall to Congress would have the folks in the 3rd District represented by a minority party congressman and he could not deliver any help to his district, just as he has not delivered in the past.

The most logical idea for the 3rd District would be to send Evan Jenkins to represent the citizens in the majority party.

The fact is “83isenough” it is time to move West Virginia forward and the past 83 years of one-party control has not bode well for West Virginia.

Fred H. Joseph


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