Dirty Girl Mud Run canceled this weekend

This weekend’s Dirty Girl Mud Run was washed out on Tuesday, after city officials and the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau decided to cancel the event.

A statement from the bureau said Park Tours, a shuttle company that was to provide transportation to and from Cato Park, wanted race producer Human Movement Management to pay for the shuttles by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. The company missed the deadline, the statement read.

The event, which was slated for Saturday, was up in the air as early in the week as Sunday. Human Movement and Dirty Girl Mud Run owner 100 LLC were attempting to work through their own financial issues throughout the day Tuesday, Charleston Assistant Mayor Rod Blackstone said.

The Gazette reported Tuesday that Human Movement president Jeff Suffolk wouldn’t comment when asked by a reporter if 100 LLC made payments to his company, which puts on the race.

“We have been told that the companies would like to see if those issues could be worked out today before the city and Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau make any final determination about the future of the event in Charleston,” Blackstone said in a Tuesday morning statement.

The CVB Monday urged race participants to contact Dirty Girl Mud Run to inquire about registration fee refunds when it was thought the race would not go on.

The Gazette earlier reported that 100 LLC was to pay the city the second half of a $10,000 deposit. But a contract obtained by the Gazette between the CVB and Human Movement shows Suffolk’s company is responsible for paying the deposit. It still wasn’t paid by either Human Movement or 100 LLC as of Tuesday.

Human Movement is also responsible for paying “any fees or costs associated with the cancellation or change of the race date” and “any outstanding race fee obligations to vendors or secured services,” as stated in the contract.

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