Charleston recycling site to bar electronics

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The operator of Charleston’s Slack Street recycling center said he’ll no longer accept electronics after the end of the month.

George Hunyadi, who operates West Virginia Recycling Services on Slack Street, told members of the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority on Tuesday that he can’t afford to keep taking used televisions, computer monitors and other electronics at the facility.

“I’m done with e-waste,” Hunyadi said. “It’s just been a big pain in the butt.”

Hunyadi said he used to get mostly complete televisions and computer monitors that he was able to sell. But now about 75 percent of the electronics he receives have been stripped of copper and other valuable materials and are little more than busted-out shells that vendors don’t want.

“I’m getting junk,” he said.

Hunyadi said the junk TVs are taking up space at the recycling center, creating a safety hazard and costing him money to get rid of. He plans on putting up signs saying e-waste will no longer be accepted at Slack Street.

Members of the Solid Waste Authority understood Hunyadi’s reluctance to keep accepting electronics at the recycling center but decided they would have to make a push to let area residents know where they can still take their old electronics. The Best Buy store in the Shoppes at Trace Fork takes e-waste, and the city of Charleston is still picking up electronics.

But Hunyadi also had some good news for the Solid Waste Authority. He said he is now accepting all types of plastic at the center for recycling.

Although people typically drop off different plastic types anyway at Slack Street, Hunyadi only had a market for types 1 and 2, the most common types of plastics, used in things such as pop bottles, milk jugs, plastic jars and detergent bottles.

Now, Hunyadi said he will accept plastic types 1 through 7, which incorporate most of the plastics consumers typically use. Hunyadi said he’s found a vendor who will buy the plastics for use in making furniture.

Also Tuesday, the Solid Waste Authority voted to put off until next month a decision on whether to pave the grounds around the Slack Street recycling center. Bids for the paving came in between about $93,000 and about $109,000.

Outgoing solid waste board Chairman Rod Watkins said bids came in higher than expected because contractors determined concrete would have to be laid under the asphalt in parts of the complex.

Board members agreed to put off a decision because they aren’t yet sure if they want to spend so much money.

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