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Dina Hornbaker featured in ‘RFC MINI SHOW’

This week’s “RFC MINI SHOW,” online at, shines a spotlight on Dina Hornbaker, who made her “Radio Free Charleston” debut last March, in Episode 196. Hornbaker is a talented singer/songwriter who moved back to Charleston last year and has become a star in the town’s open mic scene.

The mini show presents three songs she performed at last week’s Early Open Mic at Taylor Books. She does a summertime song with nods to Sam Cooke and George Gershwin, as well as a new recording of “Mountain Mama,” the song she performed in her “RFC” debut. The set ends with a lovely song that does not yet have a title.

The Taylor Books Early Open Mic is developing into quite an eclectic scene. Check the PopCult blog for details on the next one.

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