Three arrested for armed robbery in Nitro

By Staff reports
Megan Long
Kaleb Johnson
Kayla Levitt

NITRO, W.Va. -- Three people robbed a Nitro woman on Wednesday while holding a sawed-off shotgun to her head, police said.

Kayla Levitt, 23; Megan Long, 21; and Kaleb Johnson, 19, robbed Tiffany Taylor, of Eastwood Acres, after Long asked Taylor for a ride, according to a news release from the Nitro Police Department.

Johnson allegedly held a sawed-off shotgun to the back of Taylor’s head while Levitt and Long looked through her belongings for money. Levitt allegedly took Taylor’s purse and gave it to Long, who went through it and dumped it out.

Levitt began checking Taylor’s pockets and felt her bra to see if she had any money on her, according to police. When they couldn’t find any money, the three got out of the vehicle and walked away.

Officers found the trio near Levitt’s residence on Main Avenue in Nitro a short time later. All three confessed to the armed robbery, police said.

Police said they found the shotgun hidden near the railroad tracks near the 400 block of Main Avenue.

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