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Readers’ voice: July 24, 2014

We would have been better off having nobody in Congresswoman Capito’s office than we are having her in office.

Ignorance is bliss. Anyone who thinks that President Obama is a dictator needs to do some traveling abroad — far, far abroad.

How many more photo ops could the Gazette give and run on Shelley Moore Capito? How many fewer on Natalie Tennant? Have you forgotten Ryan lost two years ago the biggest election of his career and Senator Warren won hers and is a tremendously popular Democrat?

In response to Saturday’s comment about the EBT card: no I don’t have the right to monitor what state employees spend their wages on, but at least state employees are earning a living and working for it like anybody else and like me. Those who do not work are the ones that we are complaining about because they are the ones taking all of that money off of our dime.

Someone called and said that they read an article saying that the stock market was up during Democratic presidencies and down during Republican presidencies. I think this an incredibly naive way to look at things. The stock market has been correcting itself for decades. I suggest you get a financial advisor.

We know that Russia is responsible for this murderous act of downing this plane. So what does Obama say to Putin? Let’s smoke a peace pipe.

Can you do an editorial on a bank that is not corrupt so I can put my money in those banks? I want to know about a bank that hasn’t backed those awful loans knowing that it hurts people and one that actually loans people money instead of hoarding it for themselves and giving themselves big raises. That would be great.

These cities and states and small communities are passing gun laws that are unconstitutional. Until they can assure you that you are protected from any crime, then no state has a right to take your constitutional right away. I think they should sue them.

Thank you so much for the beautiful feature, Pets of the Week. This column can do more good to arouse people’s concerns for animals, especially those running “free” and homeless.

Why on earth in America during an election do we have to have ballots in any language other than English?

Democrats are still the party of tax more spend more. The liberal elite takes money from the working man to create programs and give it back to the poor to get more votes for themselves. They then create more programs and tax some more.

This is to the person complaining about the dogs running loose in St. Albans. It’s not the dogs’ fault; it’s the fault of their owners. They are like small children and need to be looked after.

A police officer that stands by and shoots someone’s pet when they don’t have a warrant to be on their property in the first place is not a hero and they are not brave.

Mitch McConnell has done nothing for Kentucky these last six years. He plainly stated that he intended to say no to anything the new president proposed and make sure it was a one-term presidency. His last six years have been a failure in all respects. His only support for the coal industry is for the companies, not the workers and definitely not the American people.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been going on ever since 1948, when a piece of Palestine was annexed to create the state of Israel. And since Palestinians will never forget or forgive that, and Israel will never give up the land given them, the fighting will go on for the foreseeable future and probably beyond.

Sooner or later the city of South Charleston is going to need to address the deer population in the Montrose and James Park area. At least stop residents from feeding them.

When is the water company going to fix the end of Montrose Drive? There has been a cone in the middle of the road in a blind corner for three weeks. Very dangerous situation just waiting for a head-on collision.

I would rather take the faint chance of a terrorist attack than live in a closed border, show-me-you-papers, government spying society. That’s what some want the United States to be, trading their freedom for a little security. Ask the residents of the former USSR or East Germany, or the current state of North Korea, if that is a good way to live.

I don’t care if you are sane or insane; if you commit a crime you are guilty and should be punished. Mental defenses should never be allowed to be an excuse for committing a crime. That excuse should only come into play when the sentence is handed down. Prison or mental facility? That should be the question.

I would like to express my great appreciation for Coach Leon McCoy for the fact he stands for what he believes. He is a perfect gentleman and represents Christ in a wonderful way. My complaint goes to the principal at Hurricane and the Putnam County Board of Education. It is not right for three or four people to rule over hundreds of people.

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