On file: July 27, 2014


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between July 18 and 25:

Lee Curtis Evjen, 40, and Cheryl Ann Chapman, 47, both of Charleston.

Jason Scott Morin, 26, and Tasha Spratt Cummings, 25, both of Dunbar.

Shauntrell Jermaine Lewis, 30, and Nedrafawn Louise Mokas, 35, both of Charleston.

Dural Delkise Miller, 34, and Laruth Venita Morgan, 34, both of Charleston.

Frank Raymond Armstead, 56, of South Charleston and Loretta Marie Ross, 57, of Charleston.

Chad Eric Casto, 39, and Cary Jo Miller, 36, both of Dunbar.

Jason Michael Harrison, 29, of Nitro and Stacy Marie Howell, 27, of St. Albans.

Kevin Leigh Williams, 31, and Heather Dawn Blake, 35, both of St. Albans.

Justin Joseph Dunlap, 20, and Natasha Nicole Harris, 24, both of East Bank.

Jeffrey Scott Honaker, 52, of Sissonville and Juanita Christine Lee, 45, of McDonough, Georgia.

Matthew Scott Withrow, 38, and Belinda Kay Maynard, 33, both of Charleston.

James Brett Holland, 31, and Jennifer Elizabeth Scott, 33, both of Charleston.

Edward Russell Blanchard, 37, and Sarah Elizabeth Stevens, 27, both of St. Albans.

Nicholas Jon Castleman, 27, of South Charleston and Chloe Amanda Kamm, 24, of Charlotte, N.C.

Leon Johnnie Zackoski II, 35, and Tawanna Elizabeth Honeycutt, 36, both of Charleston.

Thy Quang Dinh, 34, of South Charleston and Alexandria Kirstin Shaffer, 22, of Sissonville.

Daniel Scott Hines, 24, and Brianna Danielle Myers, 21, both of Nitro.

Danny Wayne Wheeler, 41, and Tenyah Nicole Hicks, 32, both of Charleston.

Jonathan Dale Huffman, 25, and Chelsea Lynn McCroskey, 25, both of Charleston.

The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County July 10-23:

Todd J. Dillow, 33 of Ironton, Ohio, and Ashleigh F. Winter, 28, of Scott Depot

Stewart L. Wigglesworth, 54, of Charleston, and Sharon K. Smith, 56, of Hurricane

Dale L. Murray Jr., 44, of Sandyville, and Melissa E. Searls, 35, of Hurricane

Dewey C. Whitlock, 78, of Ashland, Kentucky, and Barbara J. Sovine, 64, of Hurricane

Lyle D. McMicken, 41, and Staci D. Freeman, 23, both of Winfield

Erin R. Donahue, 30, and Jerrika N. Garnes, 27, both of Leon

Dalton L. Hall, 20, of Cross Lanes, and Katelyn P. Lett, 20, of Poca

Terrance N. Shrewsbury, 35, and Rebecca L. Davila, 30, both of Hurricane

Vincent Masi, 66, and Brenda L. Breeden, 39, both of Hurricane


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between July 17 and 24:

Jordan N. Fields from David A. Fields

Marsha Lynn Estep-Jones from John C. Jones

Sheena Wenger from Charles G. Wenger

Stacy Lee Lanham from Timothy Lee Lanham Jr.

Carl E. White from Regina E. White

Edna M. Edie from Shane P. Edie

Brandi Marie Murphy from Thomas Wayne Murphy

Jennifer Pauley from Darrell Pauley Jr.

Tausha Shanta Burton from Hakim Nowlin

Jacqueline McFee from Robert McFee

Eric Charles Cobb from Melissa Brooke Cobb

Belinda Haynes from Harold Haynes

John T. Morton from Jessica S. Morton

Travis Lee Hayes from Licia Lynn Rutherford

James Roland Smith from Judith Ann Smith

Joseph Fling from Elizabeth Fling

Michael Jones from Julia Jones

Christie Dawn Moneypenny from John Mathew Shabdue

Ryan Aliff from Crystal Aliff

Amber Nicole McMillion from Jason Lyn McMillion

Mary Critchfield from John Critchfield

Timothy A. Hartwell from Angela R. Hartwell

Lindsay Rae Cummings from Jacob Aaron Rubin

Thomas Joseph Thompson from Rachael Elaine Sturgill

Rhonda L. Harris from Harold D. Harris

Ann Katherine Bailes from Brian Dana Bailes

DeAnna Silva from Luis Silva

Bobbi Parsons from James Parsons

Andrea Lee Hunt from Richard Louis Hunt

The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County July 10-23:

Judith Petry from Aaron Petry

Caitlyn Newman from Matthew Newman

Oronda L. Ehule from Charles C. Ehule

Jennifer D. Pitchford from Jeffrey W. Pitchford

Deanna N. Hogan from Benjamin T. Hogan

Ethel J. Rucker from Christopher A. Rucker

Jill K. Hodges-Stepp from Joseph C. Stepp

Tabitha J. Taylor from Joshua A. Taylor

Bill A. Ferguson from Sarah B. Ferguson

Barbara M. Arthur from Norman C. Arthur Jr.

Dustin M. Caldwell from Ashley N. Caldwell

Brian A. Mondlak from Kerri S. Mondlak

Terry L. Angle from Larry Angle

William J. Gay from Sara E. Bragg

James L. Hanna Jr. from Brandy D. Hanna

Brandy D. Hanna from James L. Hanna


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between July 18 and 25:

Donald Jackson Birchfield, Baisden, Chapter 7. Assets: $218,272, Liabilities: $253,203.

Justin Daniel Henshaw, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $139,622, Liabilities: $149,023.

Oley Daniel and Glenna Jean Woods, Bomont, Chapter 7. Assets: $146718, Liabilities: $118,892.

William Howard and Shannon Leigh Mason, Summersville, Chapter 7. Assets: $296,420, Liabilities: $777,766.

Eric Allen and Brandy Faye Harville, Powellton, Chapter 7. Assets: $104,612, Liabilities: $122,765.

Ronald Isaac Holmes, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $93,680, Liabilities: $138,726.

Kenneth Dale II and Helen Sue Gore, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $38,643, Liabilities: $49,597.

Delbert Ray Jarrell Jr., Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $41,185, Liabilities: $88,960.

William Enoch Jr. and Sandra Kay Hamilton, Millwood, Chapter 7. Assets: $95,518, Liabilities: $193,003.

Sara Ellen Clovis, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $69,135, Liabilities: $50,772.

Mitzi J. White, Montgomery, Chapter 7. Assets: $88,420, Liabilities: $93,216.

Pamela Kay Padon, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $290,727, Liabilities: $305,336.

April Dawn Wright, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $25,078, Liabilities: $94,200.

Ronald Edward and Nancy Jane Young, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $125,654, Liabilities: $251,111.

Mark Steven Wood, Beaver, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

James Russell Allen, Daniels, Chapter 7. Assets: $101,735, Liabilities: $123,065.

Jeffrey Andrew Boothe, Renick, Chapter 7. Assets: $302,484, Liabilities: $54,189.

Elisha Dawn Jenkins, Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $16,835, Liabilities: $9,920.

Ignacio Hector Cruz, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: Unavailable. Liabilities: Unavailable.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between July 18 and 25:

Rachel E. Pike to Sarah A. Tucker. Lot, Charleston, $144,900.

Carol B. Kempfto Robert E. Jr. and Elizabeth N. Good. Lot, Poca District, $155,000.

Brian Keith and Stephanie Lynn Edens Meadows to Jonathan E. and Amber D. Sheets, Lot, Poca District, $180,000.

Jack A. and Susan R. Conner to Raymond F. Mize. Lots, Elk District, $123,000.

Ridges Rentals LLC to Joshua D. and Britt A. Fife. Lot, Washington District, $275,000.

Phillip S. Pendleton to Mark W. Kelley. Lot, Washington District, $298,143.

James W. Lane Jr. to Peoples Federal Credit Union. Lots, Union District, $117,000.

Edward H. and Nancy G. Beard to James E. and Virginia S. Smith. Lots, Poca District, $169,000.

James and Kenna Marie Deraimo to Conard L. Summerfield. Lot, St. Albans District, $85,000.

Carl Daniel Francisco to Nancy Y. Pridemore. Lot, Union District, $120,000.

K. David McCormick and Royce Stanley Dunn to Nelson B. Jr. and Joyce A. Robinson. Condominium, Charleston, $73,000.

Michael Torreyson to Rickey J. Hendricks. Lot, Charleston, $122,500.

Scott A. Cowley to Heather A. Julian. Lot, Union District, $103,000.

Roy L. and Diana L. Hunt to Randy D. and Jennifer L. Hall. Lot, Clendenin, $149,000.

James A. Gray, Sharon Ann Kelley and Rosalee Gray to Bernard B. and Bettie B. Eller. Lot, Charleston, $240,000.

W. Shane and Heather R. Holmes to Donald B. Carten Jr. Lot, Washington District, $950,000.

Harley D. and Elizabeth Gleason Harrah to Chad D. Lavender. Lots, Charleston, $600,000.

Sarra L. Cottle to Richard K. Haynes. Lot, Union District, $64,900.

Robert G. Hull III to Mark A. and V. Dawn Atkinson. Lot, Elk District, $406,250.

Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $90,000.

Taun White Bogan,Adrianne Kathale, Ashley W. White and Lynn Mackey Long to Board of Governors of West Virginia State University. Lot, Union District, $65,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to Christiana Trust. Lot, Nitro, $80,000.

William G. and Susan A. Barfield to Anthony Edell Duncan. Lots, Jefferson District and St. Albans, $210,000.

David E. and Barbara G. Davis to Valerie L. and Thomas S. Leasure. Lot, St. Albans, $126,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Roger Allen and Angela Marie Flesher. Lot, Big Sandy District, $89,900.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Beverly Lynn Atkinson. Lot, Loudon District, $69,920.

Richard E. and Kelli Jo Harris to The Revocable Living Trust Agreement of Karen L. Perry. Lot, Elk District, $100,000.

George M. Ferrell to Christina Lynn and Titus Nathaniel Phalen. Lot, Belle, $70,000.

Elicia B. Miller to Jessica Renea Musick and Jeremy Wayne Thomas. Lot, Union District, $111,000.

Steven J. and Cheryl Varro to Carissa N. Turley. Lot, St. Albans, $75,000.

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County from July 10-23:

Nathan and Kimberly Cobb to Forrest Woodard. Acres, Buffalo District, $145,000.

Robby N. Long to David E. and Barbara G. Davis. Lots, Teays Valley District, $147,000.

David L. Johnston to Ricky A. Qualls II. Tracts, Hurricane Town District, $129,000.

Keslings Quality Homebuilders Inc. to Jeffery A. and Madonna M. Pursell. Lot, Scott District, $417,000.

David L. and Teresa M. Lovejoy to Tia and Richard Lemon. Lots, Curry District, $87,000.

Deven L. and Lynne S. Weimer to Mary L. and Robert S. Poff. Lot, Teays Valley District, $254,900.

Farrukh Jalisi and Jabin T. Janoo to Brad A. Fittro. Lot, Scott District, $199,000.

Evelyn Newman to James N. Brewer Jr. Acres, Hurricane Town District, $76,500.

Seneca Trustees Inc. and Elizabeth D. and Dwain Landers to Bank of New York Mellon. Acres, Poca District, $76,500.

Marc and Terri Pardo to Samuel D. and Corey L. Carpenter. Lot, Teays Valley District, $183,000.

Roger L. and Ruby M. Gibson to Hobba Enterprises LLC. Lot, Scott District, $70,000.

Property Group V Inc. to Altizer Futures LLC. Lots, Scott District, $100,000.

Kay F. and Pierce H. Hollingsworth Jr. to Mary E. Wertz. Lot, Curry District, $185,000.

David A. and Tracey L. Verno to Brian K. and Imelda S. Prichard. Lot, Scott District, $182,000.

Anthony M. Stillwell to Allen Tackett. Lot, Curry District, $181,000.

Matthew T. Stotts to Catherine J. Elswick. Lot, Curry District, $160,000.

Michael H. Lansdale to Alfph Jones Jr. Unit, Scott District, $144,900.

Leslie and Brandon L. Blankenship to Janice J. Johnston. Lot, Buffalo District, $225,000.

Samuel D. and Corey L. Carpenter to David J. Bullard Jr. Lots, Scott District, $123,500.

Richard B. and Melanie C. Thomas to Andrzej S. and Jeanna M. Goldman. Lots, Scott District, $225,000.

Hayes Brothers Construction LLC to Marcus and Jennifer Dockter. Lot, Scott District, $303,900.

James M. Wilhoit to Scott and Kathy Cosco. Lot, Hurricane Town District, $325,000.

Trina D. and Matthew R. Smalley to Thomas J. and Karen L. Laskey. Lot, Scott District, $196,000.

Margaret Carney to KCI Properties LLC. Acres, no district listed, $176,000.

Frances M. Crawford to Damon and Vallery Massey. Lot, Scott District, $226,900.

Early Investments LLC to HRV Investments LLC. Lots, Winfield Town District, $140,000.

John and Emma S. Berta to Nathan and Chera Gainer. Lot, Teays Valley District, $244,000.

Richard R. and Lisa A. Eaton to American IRA LLC, FBO Tammy Sowards Traditional IRA. Parcels, Buffalo District, $110,000.

John M. Green, Joyce L. Donley, Jane E. Armstrong and Joan E. Forth to Robert T. Meeks & Melissa D. Meeks LLC. Lots, Teays Valley District, $120,000.

Barbara K. Casto to Danya R. Morgan. Lots, Bancroft District, $120,000.

Michael R. and Mary O. Laughery to Jim D. and Teresa K. Ranck. Lot, Scott District, $347,000.

Jimmie D. and Teresa K. Ranck to Steven L. and Bridget M. Cox. Lot, Winfield Town District, $234,000.

Joe E. and Darleen S. Miller to Robert B. and Doris M. Cottrell. Lot, Teays Valley District, $365,000.

David E. and Barbara G. Davis to Randy L. and Mary D. Aldridge. Lot, Scott District, $310,000.

Tami R. and Donald E. Allen Jr. to Michael and Caitlin L. Kessler. Lot, Scott District, $169,900.

Eric W. and Melodie S. Blankenship to Karen Fizer. Lot, Eleanor Town District, $126,000.

Ellen C. and James P. Vannoy Jr. to Luke T. and Shanna K. Goodwin. Lot, Eleanor Town District, $162,500.

Jerry W. and Lillian J. Shaffer to Dwight and Rebecca C. Williams. Lot, Scott District, $249,900.

Putnam County Bank to Nathan Cavendar and Leigh Taylor. Lot, Scott District, $200,000.

Charles A. Fierke to Kellie D., Christopher J. and John Niewierowski Jr. Tract, Teays Valley District, $155,000.

Gregory D. and Cherrie L. Spencer to Keith D. Carroll. Parcel, Scott District, $148,000.

Mark T. and Kimberly A. Berardi to John and Lauren Blaker. Lot, Teays Valley District, $385,500.

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