Readers’ voice: July 25, 2014

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To that one person who expresses their anger against any U.S. president who has decided to “waste taxpayer’s money” by flying to any worldwide battlefield to support our troops, may I respectfully suggest that you are invited to fly also on any president’s next mission to our nation’s warfront and be brave enough to jump out willingly, of course, into the heaviest fighting.

To the person (or persons) who “took” the American flags that lined Broadway Avenue in Nitro to celebrate the birth of our nation: the Broadway Avenue residents, not having our flags to celebrate, sincerely hope you used them for the same purpose.

I just wanted to call and thank the agency responsible for sweeping the sides of MacCorkle Avenue for bikers.

Enough about Mark Plants; we know they’re not going to do anything to him. Why does he get so much publicity? Everybody’s sick of it.

I’m so glad we have good lawyers in Charleston who don’t have to get on TV and advertise for business.

The people who work in the city building have the same attitude as their mayor, Danny Jones. They are smart alecks and don’t care about the people of Charleston.

I agree with the caller about Elizabeth Warren for president. We need Elizabeth Warren; we do not need Hillary Clinton.

Do Putnam County residents know that there have been almost 30 administrative positions added to the Putnam County Board of Education? These positions are not needed and we should have never voted the bond issue in. What a big mistake.

Thank goodness gas prices are coming down, but as usual, watch them raise right before Labor Day.

I see Lowe’s is on RHL Boulevard. What does RHL stand for? I hate acronyms.

When is the town of Eleanor going to enforce their ordinances, especially the dog barking ordinance?

Remember folks who keep slamming the president of the United States: West Virginia did not elect him. However, I voted for him to try to elect him.

I have a permit to carry, but I don’t carry my gun out on the streets or anything, I keep it in my house for protection because I live alone. However these people are going to have guns illegally no matter what anyone else does.

Target doesn’t want you law-abiding citizens to carry your guns in their stores. All this does is make their stores a big target for crime.

Romney would not have made a better president. He would have replaced Medicare with a voucher program, privatized Social Security, let the auto industry go bankrupt, shipped more jobs overseas and started a war.

Our Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people. People have an average life of 78 or 79 years or so. So that means that corporations should only be allowed to be in business for that length of time as well if they are considered people.

I’m all for safer neighborhood streets, but Kanawha Boulevard is not a neighborhood street. It’s the one true artery on the north side of the river and adding traffic lights just so a few people can conveniently walk their dogs and get to the jogging track is unconscionable.

Just returned from a visit to Summersville. The gas there was $3.59 per gallon. The gas here is $3.89 per gallon. Tell me what gives here.

Republicans keep criticizing Obama for not doing anything in the Ukraine. What do they expect him to do? They don’t tell him what they think he ought to do; they just say he doesn’t do anything. When he does do something, they criticize what he does. You can’t have it both ways.

I would like to shout out kudos to the people that worked the WV Art and Craft Fair in Ripley. Everyone we talked to or had any kind of communication with was so very nice and helpful. West Virginia can be very proud of the way these folk conducted themselves.

I would be blind without Obamacare. I receive the subsidy because I need it. I barely earned more than the cost of my surgeries last year.

Why can’t the city do something about the loading zone in front of 300 Capitol St.? People are constantly getting parking tickets because this area is poorly marked. Restripe and maybe add another sign designating “Loading Zone Between Signs.”

Once again the Stack Street recycling bins are overflowing. People are trying to do the right thing by not hiding plastic or glass in our curb-side collection refuse, but Stack Street is obviously dysfunctional. It’s disheartening.

I wonder who for the city approved Cato Park as the site for the Dirty Girl Mud Run. This would have ruined a nice little golf course for years. What was wrong with Magic Island or Power Park? Better yet, how about Danny Jones’ front yard?

Our president never lets a crisis get in the way of his fund raising. It sure shows what the primary responsibility of the office now has become. Big Business, Big Pharma, and the 1 percenters now have near monopoly control over all decisions made in this country.

To those of you who keep saying that Democrats are the party of tax and spend, to give money to the poor, I contend that is a better policy than that of Republicans, who borrow and spend (passing on their debt to future generations), to give money to the rich, who then put it in off-shore banks to avoid their fair share of taxes.

To the person who wants police to shoot the dogs in their neighbor might want to politely knocking on their neighbor’s door and asking that they keep their dog confined at least for part of the day so they can feel free to walk around outside. Nobody needs to shoot other people’s pets.

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