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Editorial: On helping Americans, Obama a success

Tea party websites contain petitions demanding impeachment of President Obama, calling him “traitor” and “fraud” and worse. Right-wing Fox News and Washington Republicans endlessly hurl bitter denunciations at America’s first black president.

But, in reality, history will record that Obama has been a solid leader who ended a pointless war, pulled America out of a terrible recession, eliminated Osama bin Laden, extended health care to 30 million, and benefited the nation in many other ways.

After 288,000 jobs were added to the U.S. work force in June, the Raleigh News & Observer commented:

“The president’s critics intend to concede him nothing, not a successful health care reform program, not the rescue of the auto industry, not the economic recovery. Indeed, there’s an impeachment movement against Obama.... For some reason, President Obama stirs in his critics a hatred not often seen, even in partisan politics. If only they would channel their emotions into productive action in the country’s best interests, they could be constructive participants in a policy debate instead of just Obama-haters.”

The North Carolina newspaper added:

“Remember how those who blasted, and still blast, the Affordable Care Act as doomsday for the nation’s economy said it would implode everything, slow recovery and cause the deficit to explode? None of those things happened. The deficit is dropping, and the ACA is working so well that some of the president’s foes aren’t even talking about it much any more.”

The former Bush-Cheney administration started the ghastly Iraq War on phony pretexts, claiming that Iraq had horror weapons, which turned out to be imaginary. The war killed about 4,500 young Americans and cost U.S. taxpayers about $1 trillion. Obama halted that disaster — and he deserves praise for doing so.

The former Bush-Cheney administration banned federal funding of stem cell research, because fundamentalists irrationally think that fertilized eggs are people. In one of his first acts in office, Obama restored stem cell research, which promises to save lives and end some horrible diseases.

A couple of years ago, The Washington Monthly, created by Charleston native Charlie Peters, listed 50 major accomplishments of the Obama regime. In addition to ending the Iraq War and passing health reform, some successes were:

| Passed the federal stimulus that prevented the Great Recession from turning far worse.

| Intensified Wall Street policing to control greedy manipulators of the sort who caused the Great Recession.

| Ended the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and began assuring equal rights for gays.

| “Avoided scandal,” leading a clean government free from corruption that has tainted many others.

Despite today’s partisan rants, we think future historians will hold Obama in high esteem.

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