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Prediction of a coal catastrophe is nonsense

Prediction of a coal catastrophe is nonsense


The sky is falling and the oceans are rising all due to coal. Harry Reid says coal is making everyone sick. Barbara Boxer and Henry Waxman, who represent the nut capital of the country, California, won’t waste a second of air time without wailing about the next catastrophe caused by coal and cheap power. Take heed children, believe it. Hollywood says so.

Here we have the Gazette, Jim Conyers, Ned Helme, James Kotcon, Jay Rockefeller and many others who preach the same “end of the world” nonsense. How much money does the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund get from the same billionaires who have investments in solar and wind companies? Just follow the money and the lobbyists.

Over the past 30 years, emissions of major pollutants from coal-fired power plants have declined. If you pay a power bill, you have contributed to the billions of dollars for pollution control. Now we are told we must spend trillions. If this is the crisis everyone claims, stop burning coal today and save the planet.

To answer your question, “How should West Virginia respond to climate change?” Answer: file bankruptcy.

Thomas A. Gilliam


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