Potpourri: July 28, 2014

West Virginia’s Mountain Party consists mostly of liberal-minded reformers, the sort who usually support people-helping policies of the Democratic Party. Now the group has endorsed maverick Ed Rabel for Congress in the 2nd District that includes Charleston. By doing this, the Mountain Party indirectly helps Republican Alex Mooney, a right-wing Maryland politician who moved to the Eastern Panhandle last year and filed for Congress. Any votes the Mountain group diverts from Democratic nominee Nick Casey will boost Mooney’s chances. Rabel has little chance to win — so, in effect, a vote for Rabel may be a vote for Mooney.


Many West Virginia firms and agencies are switching their computer operations into “the cloud.” If this term seems cloudy to you, here’s an explanation: Instead of purchasing costly mainframe units of their own, the offices save money by operating through giant servers maintained by “cloud” services.


The London Daily Mail scoffs at global warming, and the Charleston Daily Mail repeats the British paper’s assertions. Apparently, both think that thousands of the world’s top scientists are wrong.


Sunni Muslim extremists who seized northwest Iraq have given resident Christians an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay a special infidel tax, or face death. Meanwhile, the extremists are destroying Christian churches and seizing homes of Christians who fled. And the Sunni fanatics send suicide bombers to kill Shiite Muslims in Baghdad. How can religion turn some people into monsters?


Fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden told London’s Guardian that U.S. electronic eavesdropping was so lax when he was a spy that soldiers copied sex photos from e-mails and shared them.

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