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Readers’ Voice: July 29, 2014

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To the reader who dismisses preschool for children up to 3. You need to do some research. That age is, according to numerous peer reviews studies, the optimal period to begin educating a child. Their minds are a more open sponge for knowledge at that age than they will be in their entire lives. They can learn elementary math and how to read. The whole world of learning becomes more exciting at that age, and clearly more readily than at 4 or 5.

Your editorial says it’s past time for the Kanawha prosecutor to go. What happened to the concept that we’ve always held in the USA, innocent until proven guilty?

Education is one way to secure a good and better life for our children. The GOP has an agenda to stop that by voting against bills by Democrats to lower costs for children going to college and stating that they want to do away with the Education Department. A Republican speaks a different tune during an election.

The next season of ‘The Walking Dead’ could be filmed entirely on location in the halls of Congress. The actors are already in place.

Please stop filling the Gazette sports pages with Saints articles. This is Steeler and Bengal country and not many care about the Saints and Justice’s money-making deals.

What’s going on with Top O Rock? It would be a shame if the family that owns such a Kanawha Valley gem let it go to ruin.

West Virginia has numerous “political bullies.” My Daddy told me long ago: “it takes one to know one.” I’m sure Mr. Plants was told this too. Enough said for now.

For all you brilliant conservatives who are criticizing Obama for inactions against Russia over the Ukraine situation, what would you have him do? Obama can do just what Putin could do if we were at war with Mexico: Nothing.

Congrats to the Cogar tribe out of Webster Springs (Arden Jr., Paul, Kristy, and Matt) who did West Virginia proud at the International Lumberjack World Championship in Wisconsin last week.

Does DEP really mean Department of Environmental Profiteering (or maybe Pirating)?

Driving tip for the day: If you are on the interstate and being passed on the right, you are in the wrong lane.

Why aren’t the utility companies responsible for repairing roads when they have to dig them up to do work? Montrose is a mess.

The career politicians who for years have labeled the U.S. as the mightiest military force in history now admit our country cannot stand against Russia militarily, but must combat them with sanctions. All this, while this administration continues to reduce our military. There is no end to the failures of our present leadership.

Dear Natalie. You will never be elected as a faux Republican pandering to the coal industry. I will still vote for you but would rather give my money to a winner.

Does anyone else notice how much the situation in Ukraine resembles the situation in Syria, except that we are the other side? We support the rebels in Syria, and call the government criminal. Russia supports the rebels in Ukraine, and calls that government criminal. It’s a mirror image, and it’s insane.

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