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Letter to the editor: Larry Medley: A vote for Casey is a vote for Pelosi

In the past, young aspiring politicians in West Virginia looked at voter registration numbers and decided if they were going to be elected to office they had to run as a Democrat. Thus, they cast their lot with the Democratic Party.

As time passed, the political landscape in America changed.

Ultra liberals captured the Democratic Party; coal-hating environmentalists, pro abortion, those pushing for repeal of the Second Amendment, people who want freedom from religion as opposed to freedom of religion, and those who believe America is not an exceptional country and should lead from behind while advocating government welfare programs grow into infinity.

These people now control the Democratic Party.

The problem for West Virginia Democrats is that the above folks supply the money and muscle to get Democrats elected, but most West Virginians are not ultra liberals.

Thus, you see Nick Casey dancing on the head of a pin, trying to convince voters he is not “that kind of Democrat” yet looking to that kind of Democrat for resources necessary to win an election.

The fact is, Nick Casey says one thing, but when push comes to shove, he will always side with the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

He has to, after all these people control the modern day Democratic Party.

If Casey really were not that kind of Democrat he would become a Republican or Independent.

It is time for West Virginians to remove the scales from their eyes.

A vote for Nick Casey and Natalie Tennant is the same as a vote for Pelosi and Reid who are rabid Obama supporters and enablers.

Send the national Democratic Party a message, and not support their agenda.

The best way to do this is to vote for Alex Mooney, David McKinley, Shelley Moore Capito and Evan Jenkins.

Larry Medley


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