Pets of the Week: Aug. 3, 2014

Photo courtesy of GINGER CARR
Molly Minkers is “wonderful with my son and is always ready to snuggle,” says her best friend, Ginger Carr.
Photo courtesy of DAVID HAYES
When she was first adopted, Connie had never been in a vehicle and would freak out, said owner David Hayes. He added, “She’s a truck-riding dog now! Loves it!”
Photo courtesy of KIM GROVES
Walle keeps his “mommy,” Kim Groves, company in Morgantown, where she says he likes to cheer on the Mountaineers.
Photo courtesy of PERRY BENNETT
FeeBee weighs only 5½ pounds, but she guards her tiny ball very seriously, said owner Perry Bennett. “I’ve recently acquired a set of pet stairs for her to get on the bed, and now I can typically find her snuggled deep under the covers when I come home every day,” he added.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Connie is a 9-year-old rat terrier who lives with David Hayes in Pax. She came into his life about a year after he was diagnosed with stage-IV cancer in 2008.

“I was reading the newspaper and there was an ad for a Jack Russell, free. So I went to see her. People had her for breeding for four years and she never had pups, so they didn’t want her,” Hayes said. “They said they thought they could breed dogs with a heart like hers. Go figure, huh? Wasn’t a Jack Russell, but didn’t matter.”

Hayes says she was a mess when he took her home. He helped fix her, and she helped fix him. “The best dog I’ve ever had,” he says today.

Molly Minkers seems to have a sense of humor. An 11-year-old mixed breed, she lives in Pinch with the Carr family, where she’s been a best friend to Ginger Carr for more than 10 years. “She truly is a blessing in our lives,” Carr says.

Walle is a 6-year-old overgrown Pomeranian (or Pom for short), who lives with Kim Groves in Webster Springs. “He’s a very lovable ball of fur and never misses a chance to cool off in the river or a mud puddle,” Groves says.

FeeBee is a 4½-year-old long-haired Chihuahua who lives in Charleston with Perry Bennett, and prompted him to make an important life change. “I have historically considered myself to be a ‘cat person,’ until I saw FeeBee — and I instantly fell in love and became a ‘dog person,’” Bennett said. FeeBee, he added, “is full of personality and rules the house! She is super smart and knows all of her toys by name. I can ask her, “Where is your horse?” and she goes to find and retrieve her horse. Same thing with her duck, goose, beaver and ball.

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