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Two people sought in South Hills burglaries

By By Erin Beck
Staff writer
Lannie Shaffer
Melinda Green

Police want to talk to two Charleston residents about a burglary last month -- one of a string of robberies since mid-July in the South Hills area of Charleston.

Witnesses saw Lannie Shaffer, 23, and Melinda Green, 46, at the scene of a burglary on July 20, according to Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives for the Charleston Police Department.

“The fact that they were seen leaving a home that had just been burgled makes them persons of interest if not suspects,” he said.

Shaffer and Green have not been charged with any crime, Cooper said.

“We want to interview them,” he said. “They’ve been avoiding our attempts to contact them, and a 911 call would be the appropriate thing to do if you see them.”

Several homes have been robbed in South Hills since mid-July. Police have not ruled out the possibility of Shaffer and Green being involved in those crimes as well.

Cooper recommended residents concerned about burglary consider adding more lighting around their homes, leaving lights on when not home, and installing security systems.

“First and foremost though, we advise that if you’re not home — even if you’re just going to be gone for a few minutes — to lock your doors, because some of the burglars are possibly scoping out the neighborhood and they’re waiting for you to leave to see if your door’s locked,” Cooper said.

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