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Thanks to CVS for fighting meth

Thanks to CVS for fighting meth


Kudos to all of the CVS pharmacy stores that plan to stop selling cold medication that criminals use to make illegal methamphetamine. Hopefully other pharmacies in our state will follow the lead of CVS. There is no question that this drug is very harmful, and there should be a ban in all stores in West Virginia.

Police chief Brent Webster and the Charleston police officers are working diligently, and are doing an outstanding job fighting this problem in our city.

Last year, West Virginia law enforcement officers seized over 500 meth labs, a record number. There is a high correlation of substance abuse and crime. I know it’s going to require a team effort to help reduce or eliminate the growth of meth labs in our city and state. CVS has taken the first step, now others must follow.

John H. Miller Jr.

City Councilman


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