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Readers’ Voice: Aug. 6, 2014

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Liberals want to ban cigarettes and legalize marijuana. Obama supports late-term abortion and even the killing of an aborted baby who didn’t completely die during the abortion process, but he has compassion for thousands of teenaged gang members who are flowing across our borders illegally and he wants to give them amnesty?

The only reason St. Albans wants home rule is to be worse to its citizens. Unless you are a friend of somebody, you get picked on, and when you are older you can’t afford to move. It used to be a nice and friendly town.

Netanyahu to U.S.: “Shut up, boy, but keep sending us our $7 million a day.”

Don’t you find it interesting that Shelley Moore Capito is endorsed by the Friends of Coal while Natalie Tennant is endorsed by the coal miners?

This poor prancing excuse for a president has the gall to make accusations to the Republicans in the House for going on vacation. Especially when they were trying to solve some problems with the Senate, he was campaigning around the country. I think he is incapable of making decisions or formulating policies, and the Senate puppets don’t have enough brains to realize the coma he has put them in. What wastes!

The daily headlines have gone away and there is no more chemical smell after Freedom Industries poisoned our water. So now Gov. Tomblin and the rest of our elected “leaders” can now get back to the business of being lapdogs to their corporate masters. Did anyone in our sad state really think that our elected “leaders” would ever do anything but behave like lapdogs to the masters who made their election financially possible?

So you think the income tax is illegal and you don’t want your property taxed either? OK, then. Do you have the money to hire your own fire department and police officers? Pave your own street? Pay for food and drug inspectors? Employ someone to ensure the water you drink is clean and to remove your household waste? How do you think we pay the people who provide those services for you?

The fuzzy math and rhetoric of the “global warming” nuts will turn a lot of states into Republican supermajorities — a disaster for social programs, education and health care.

Now that Obama has reduced the Bush deficit by half and ended the Bush wars, what else? He has gotten the Bush economic disaster straightened out and brought the stock market to its highest value in history. He has gotten unemployment down to near-normal levels. He has kept us out of foreign wars. So now the Republicans are bringing a frivolous suit against him for providing health care for working people, and they are charging the bill to us taxpayers!

All the talk of wasted spending and I see the House of Representatives’ leadership wasting money we do not have for building schools, roads and streets paving. GOP federal leadership in our state lack criticizing it or any help.

The ever obedient Obama fans keep telling us how many thousands have benefited from Obamacare. They seem to ignore the millions feeling a pinch because if it.

When not a one of the local television meteorologists can seem to predict weather conditions with any reasonable accuracy even eight hours in advance, it would be a lot more truthful for them to just admit they are clueless and put on the screen the graphics for both sun and rain for each of the next seven days because there is nearly a 100 percent chance that we will experience both at some point in any given day.

Dr. Gordon Gee, the president of West Virginia University and the flagship institution of higher education in West Virginia, is modeling for other college presidents the importance of their getting out of their palatial offices and homes and seeing where their students live and work. He is a refreshing breath of fresh air in our polluted, status quo higher education system.

Tyranny has raised its ugly head again in this country through forced politically correct thought and speech.

Watching Shelley Capito repeating the same old tired disproved right-wing lies is starting to make me physically ill. Thank goodness for Obamacare, at least I can see my doctor that I chose and perhaps be cured of my Shelleyitis.

Thank you, Mr. President, for moving my country forward. You have paved the way for a much improved health-care system by funding stem-cell research and the ACA. You have made education more affordable.

Shelley Moore Capito has consistently voted “no” on every bill concerning women’s rights, including the right to equal pay for equal work. That’s why I will be voting “no” on Ms. Capito. I urge every woman who cares about her own rights and the rights of our daughters and granddaughters to do the same.

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