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Readers Voice: Aug. 8, 2014

Please remember during every election, vote for people who you truly feel have good ideas. Do not vote over a grudge. All politicians do not care about you. Do not trust them. Don’t trust anyone.

To the comment that the Clean Air Act was put in place by a Republican, it was, but much earlier than GWB. The act was passed by a Republican president, Richard Nixon. And what is sad today is that the Republicans and some coal owned Democrats, who are trying to blame it all on Obama, are even more stupid because the current Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Roberts, has already stated quite clearly that the CAA does give the EPA the authority to regulate greenhouse gases to reverse climate change and in fact admonished the EPA to get on with doing just that.

All candidates who are saying a war on coal are misrepresenting facts to grab power. Coal did nothing to reduce emissions from power plants and fought it all the way. They did not care for your health then nor do they care now.

Politicians count on voters forgetting things that might negatively affect their re-election campaign. Like when Capito voted no to the economic stimulus bill but showed up at all of the celebrations when projects were completed as if she had supported them. What a hypocrite. Some of us have not forgotten.

Several county officials gave themselves a 12 percent raise. They are hoping that voters are unaware of it. My prediction that next election, voters will forget and vote them back in.

It appears that no one in the Tennant camp is listening to people venting. We are all tired of the negative comments about the president, etc. We are trying to find a way to support and vote for you..You are running against Capito, no one else.

The Republican Party has become the Party of Entropy.

I wonder if the reason CAMC does nothing to enforce its “no smoking on CAMC property” policy is because they need all of these nicotine addicts to be able to fill all of the beds in their new Cancer Clinic? I get exposed to so much secondhand smoke, coming and going to work there.

I have some advice for the Republican presidential primary: Read my lips, no new Texans.

If, as reported, that Marshall University’s football team is going to practice next spring or fall at the new facilities at The Greenbrier, just who is going to be footing the bill for this? Since Marshall athletics is supported by the taxpayers of this state through the Legislature it must be me paying for this little excursion. I can’t afford to stay at The Greenbrier so I don’t see why my tax dollars should pay for theirs. The taxpayers just built them a new indoor practice facility, stay at home and use it.

Obama does not support abortions, late term or otherwise. He supports women’s rights. And yes he does want to help the small toddlers and young children’s without parents that cross our borders. What would you so-called Christians want us to do? Line them up and shoot them.

The reader got it wrong. While Shelley Capito is backed by the Friends of Coal, Tennant is not backed by the coal miners. She is backed by the UMWA. You know the same union and its President Cecil Roberts that supports and back Barack Obama. The rank and file coal miners do not support Tennant or anyone else that want to do away with their jobs.

I would like for someone to explain to me the logic behind these rich women getting dressed up and holding a booze party in the name of raising money to help women who have been abused by mostly drunk men because I think that is in really bad taste.

The highways will continue to be death traps until law enforcement slows down the dangerous semi speeders. Our governor appears to be like our president, too busy in trivial matters to do his job. Slow the killers down.

Pollution is so bad in China that they have just announced they are banning all burning of coal in Beijing by 2020. For them it is an economic decision. The cost of coal, including the cost of poor health, global warming, water pollution, environmental destruction, far exceeds the profits made by the coal companies.

The city of South Charleston needs to turn loose some of the urban deer hunters in the Montrose and James Park neighborhoods.

Kroger has tougher meth ingredient limits than the limits set by the legislature which the people of West Virginia elected to represent them so, what’s Sen. Manchin’s problem with Kroger? If Sen. Manchin wants to personally select laws for us to live by he needs to be convincing the Legislature.

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